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Ferox - Remotestorage

Ferox-Remotestorage can be run as an embedded or standalone remotestorage server.

What is Remotestorage?

Remotestorage provides client side applications with a means to read and write data to/from a remote server. A remotestorage server can be your entire backend.

How do you use it?

The remotestorage server provides a REST interface for creating, deleting, reading and updating documents.

  • Issuing a PUT request to will create, or update, a document.
  • Issuing a GET request to will read that document.
  • Issuing a DELETE request to will delete that document.
  • Issuing a GET request to will return the directory listing in JSON format

Remotestorage also implicitly handles directory management so when creating a new document such as the Remotestorage server will create any directories that don't yet exist in the path to homework1.txt.

Remotestorage can also handle authentication. Learn more about authentication.

TODO: (PATCH request) TODO: push state via websockets TODO: X-Put-Type: File header

Client Libraries

You could communicate with ferox-remotestorage directly via http requests / xhr but there are also remotestorage client libraries out there to ease the interaction.

Installing Ferox-Remotestorage

The Ferox remotestorage server implementation can be configured in a number of different ways. We'll cover the default configuration here as it is the quickest configuration to start testing with.

You can read about other configurations on the wiki.


Remotestorage is also a specification so it opens up the possibility for users to store their data with any remotestorage provider they choose. I.e., if you create a client side application with remotestorage support then users of that application could store their data with your server or some other server that implements the remotestorage protocol. See