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Makefile Added dummy targets. Compile translations
bower.json Wipe iprange on the list after deleting one, dont get hypervisor with…


This is the Web Control Panel of FiFo. The documentation is here.


Jingles is a 'one page web site', wich interacts with wiggle and howl backends.

You can run jingles on your notebook. To do this, please install the deps first:

npm install
bower install

Then, you can run it in 2 ways:

Standalone mode

You can hack and fix jingles right on your computer, without even having a fifo backend available anywhere. Just run this:

grunt server

It will generate some mockups for you.

Proxy mode

You connect with a fifo backend, to wiggle and howl. Run the server like this:

grunt server --proxy=fifo_backend

This way, jingles will try to use the backend at hostname or IP fifo_backend.


Add or complete a language translation

  • Extract the text from html to the catalog template (po/extracted.pot): grunt nggettext_extract
  • Open po/language.po in poEdit or create an new base from the extracted.pot (Menu->File->new catalog from pot) Use the 2 letters code for the language definition (file name + 'Language' property on the po file)
  • Menu -> Catalog -> Update from POT file
  • Have fun translating!
  • Save
  • Generate javascript translation file (app/scripts/lang.js): grunt nggettext_compile
  • Tip: uncomment app.js: gettextCatalog.debug = true; :P
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