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This is the Web Control Panel of FiFo. The documentation is here.


Jingles is a 'one page web site', wich interacts with wiggle and howl backends.

You can run jingles on your notebook. To do this, please install the deps first:

npm install
bower install

Then, you can run it in 2 ways:

Standalone mode

You can hack and fix jingles right on your computer, without even having a fifo backend available anywhere. Just run this:

grunt server

It will generate some mockups for you.

Proxy mode

You connect with a fifo backend, to wiggle and howl. Run the server like this:

grunt server --proxy=fifo_backend

This way, jingles will try to use the backend at hostname or IP fifo_backend.


Add or complete a language translation

  • Extract the text from html to the catalog template (po/extracted.pot): grunt nggettext_extract
  • Open po/language.po in poEdit or create an new base from the extracted.pot (Menu->File->new catalog from pot) Use the 2 letters code for the language definition (file name + 'Language' property on the po file)
  • Menu -> Catalog -> Update from POT file
  • Have fun translating!
  • Save
  • Generate javascript translation file (app/scripts/lang.js): grunt nggettext_compile
  • Tip: uncomment app.js: gettextCatalog.debug = true; :P
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