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@@ -19,14 +19,12 @@ to the MPL license.
Download the ZIP file
-If you download the JCL as a ZIP file from GitHub, you have to download the and file from the <> project and copy them to the
+If you download the JCL as a ZIP file from GitHub, you also have to download the and files from the <> project and copy them to the
jcl\jcl\source\include\jedi directory.
Clone with GIT
> git clone git:// jcl
> cd jcl
@@ -39,3 +37,45 @@ How to install
Start the **jcl\install.bat**
+Release version
+You can download the latest released version from <>
+Daily snapshots
+You can download daily snapshots from <>
+Report Bugs
+While we try hard to release bug free software, bugs are a part of reality. So, if you have found any bugs,
+please report them to us. To make the bug reporting as efficient as possible, please try to follow these rules:
+- Make the report as detailed as possible so we have a fair chance to reproduce and fix it.
+- If you have any code that reproduce the problem, attach it to the report (zip file, source only, no dependencies on third-party software).
+- Detailed steps are mandatory for us to understand and solve your problem.
+- If you already have a solution you believe will work, include it in the bug report.
+- Be prepared to monitor the report after submission since it is very common that we will need additional information.
+[Login]( to report a bug
+If you do not have a login, please [register](, it's quick and will allow you
+to receive email updates when the bug you posted gets through the resolution process.
+The JCL is built by the community, but more importantly, for the community. Therefore we would like to hear from you. If you have
+any problems, comments or suggestions we would appreciate it if you would drop us a note. There are several ways to get in contact with us.
+Note that we also like to hear about you if everything is fine, as this will let us know that what we do is appreciated.
+- Newsgroups
+ The newsgroups are the most active forums for discussing the JCL (and other JEDI related topics) and is also the place where the
+ JCL developers hang out. The JCL specific group is called **jedi.jcl**, but you are recommended to also subscribe to at least
+ **jedi.general** and **jedi.jvcl**.
+ Newsserver (<news://>)
+ - jedi.jcl (<news://>)
+ - jedi.general (<news://>)
+ - jedi.jvcl (<news://>)
+- Web gateway
+ If you can't access to the newsgroups directly (because of firewalls or company policy), there is also a [web gateway to the newsgroups](

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