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The Project Leibniz master plan

Improve existing world codebase

  • Motivation: Necessary to prevent rogue hacker or AI or state from destroying civilization as we know it.
  • Examples of an initiatives to emulate:
    • HTTPS Everywhere
    • Let's Encrypt
  • Examples of initiatives that the world could still use:
    • Secure by default (lets end this "default password" awfulness)
    • Automated test suite / pentesting / vulnerability scans
  • Manifest project:

Auxilliary point: demonstrate / convince the world to realize that no software is an island - in reality the borders drawn between different softwares are artificial, and we could benefit from thinking about all the world's software as a single enormous codebase that can be integration tested.

Improve programmer collaboration

  • Motivation: accelerate technological progress by eliminating the non-technical barriers to programming.
  • Standardize vocabulary so learning programming and talking to programmers of other languages isn't so crazy
    • Consider the success of RFC 2119
  • Create a universal error database (error exchange) with plugins for all IDEs/compilers
  • Manifest project:

Auxilliary goal: Help programmers realize how similar languages are conceptually, building on the transpiler craze to make the next phase not seem totally crazy.

Make all languages interoperable

  • Motivation: accelerate technological progress by eliminating the remaining technical barriers.
  • Demonstrate how indentation can be used to embed any language in any other
  • Create the first universal parser (based on parser combinators and state machine)
  • Demonstrate that interpreters, compilers, linters, static analyizers, spell checkers can all be represented the same way, as semantics applied to an AST. Start the world down a path towards a universal semantic applicator that can do anything in any language.
  • Manifest project:

Auxilliary goal: World peace. Harmony. The end of frustration and compromises resulting from fragmented platforms. Facilitate solving the global problems that challenege us.


The Project Leibniz master plan




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