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Lou Rinaldi
Lou Rinaldi committed Aug 18, 2013
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@@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ The Administration has a clear a vision of data managed as and asset and data-dr
The Chief Data officer’s role is part data strategist and adviser, part steward for improving data quality, part evangelist for data sharing, part technologist, and part developer of new data products.
The Chief Data Officer role shall seek to:
* Manage open government data effort including coordinating how we offer APIs and create public data products
* Decrease the cost of managing data and increasing the value of the data we have
* Improve how the agency collects, uses, manages, and publishes data.
@@ -134,4 +135,4 @@ Below is a bullet list of and example data dream team for a medium sized agency.
* A senior DBA or dedicated time from DBA to manage the Enterprise Information Catalog, to assist with proper data documentation and management and to interface smoothly with agency’s DBA
* Scalable computing resources for the processing and data mining
* Project management and/or COTR resource to keep project reporting and contract management inline with Agency policy
-* Dotted-line reporting of procurement assistance for managing data purchases
+* Dotted-line reporting of procurement assistance for managing data purchases

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