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The Configuration Web UI allows to change the majority of the Peppy player configuration parameters:

  • All parameters defined in the config.txt and players.txt files.
  • Radio, Podcasts and Stream playlists.
  • All configuration parameters for all screensavers (except VU-Meter and Spectrum Analyzer)

The Configuration UI saves changes in a corresponding file. It's also possible either reboot or shutdown player from the Configuration UI. The UI automatically reconnects to the player after reboot.

By default after opening the Configuration UI will use the language defined in the Peppy player. It's also possible to change the language of the Configuration UI using drop-down menu in the top-right corner. That will change the language of the Configuration UI only. To change the language of the player UI the language should be changed through the player's Language UI.

The changes made through the Configuaration Web UI are not available in the player immediately. The player should be either rebooted or switched off/on for changes to be applied.

Open Configuration UI

One way to open Configuration Web UI is to click on the gear icon in the Player Web UI. The icon is located in the bottom-right corner of UI:


Another way is to type http://PEPPY_IP_ADDRESS:8000/config/ in a web browser. Don't forget the slash in the end.



Starting from Holbein Edition it's possible to define Wi-Fi Network Password in GUI including Web UI. To improve security the ability to use HTTPS protocol was added to the Peppy's web server. To enable HTTPS protocol the property https (False by default)should be set to True in the web.server section of the config.txt file:

http.port = 8000
https = True

Self-signed certificate was created to support HTTPS protocol. It was created by following the procedure described here. It should be accepted in a Web Browser. The certificate expires in 2025. Users can create their own certificates. Two files cert and key should be placed in the player's root folder.

Here are the URLs which should be used to connect over HTTPS to the Peppy player and Configuration UI respectively:


Screen Examples

Here are several examples showing Configuration UI.

Modifying Display parameters:


Changing UI color palette:


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