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Equalizer UI

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The Equalizer UI allows to set different values for 10 frequency bands. This functionality relies on ALSA Equalizer plugin. By default all frequency bands have the same value 66:


Each frequency can be changed individually to define custom equalizer profile:


It's also possible to use one of the six pre-defined profiles. Here is the example of the equalizer profile for Pop music:


During shutdown procedure the player stores the current equalizer profile and loads that profile during startup.

WARNING Some profiles (e.g. for Classical music) increase the overall volume level.


Icon Name Remote Control (WD TV) Keyboard Voice Command Description
Home Home home, go home Open Home screen
Player Space player Open current player screen
Left Arrow key Left left, go left Select next frequency band slider on the left
Right Arrow key Right right, go right Select next frequency band slider on the right
Up Arrow key Up up, go up Increase value by 1
Down Arrow key Down down, go down Decrease value by 1
Bulk Increase Page Up next page Increase value by 10
Bulk Decrease Page Down previous page Decrease value by 10
Classical 1 one Set Classical profile
Pop 2 two Set Pop profile
Jazz 3 three Set to Jazz profile
Rock 4 four Set Rock profile
Contemporary 5 five Set Contemporary profile
Neutral 6 six Set Neutral profile
Voice Assistant Activate/Deactivate Voice Assistant

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