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Version 1, 20 December 2019
Copyright (C) 2019 Project Topaz.
The Project Topaz License governs your usage or distribution
of Project Topaz, a code base that attempts to emulate an online server
for the online video game Final Fantasy XI (Copyright Square Enix, Co.)
Another project which also aims to be such an emulator, Darkstar Project,
is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. However, under
the terms of the GPLv3, network usage does not count as distribution.
If it did, people who operate servers running the Program would be required
to offer their personal modifications to users interacting with it.
We feel that lacking this requirement ultimately harms the broader community
of developers who work on server emulators. Some server operators choose to
"compete" with other operators by taking the code base we all share, making
proprietary modifications to emulate additional features of the "retail
servers" which currently do not exist in the shared code base, and then
not share those features back with the community of developers.
This behavior leads to the community constantly "re-inventing the wheel",
wasting time that could have otherwise been spent developing entirely new
features for the project in advance of our common goals. It also disheartens
developers who would share their modifications with the community, but
feel discouraged when their code is taken by a server operator, modified
with additional improvements, but kept privately as an "edge" over others,
including the original developer of the feature.
For these reasons, Project Topaz instead intends to be licensed primarily
under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License Version 3, which
stipulates that use of a Program over a network qualifies as distribution,
and that the source code of the modified Program needs to be offered to
users interacting with the Program.
However, due to the nature of running a private server, there are times
which a server operator may reasonably wish to not share their entire
source code. As examples, the server operator may wish to include custom
easter eggs, or run a community event based on players discovering hidden
things. These things would be trivial for players to discover if the
entire server source code were available to public view.
To both provide special exemptions in those cases, and to account for
source code that we have have combined from Darkstar Project which is
licensed under GPLv3 (that we can not relicense as AGPLv3), Project
Topaz releases its source code under this special license. This license
states which of the two GNU licenses, GPLv3 or AGPLv3, pertain to
which parts of this combined source code. The license also grants, for
source code which is the work of Project Topaz, select Additional
Permissions to give server operators additional freedoms, and to
encourage adoption of the project.
The precise terms and conditions for using, copying, distribution and
modification of Project Topaz follow.
0. Definitions.
"This License" refers to version 1 of the Project Topaz License Agreement.
"GNU GPLv3", "GPLv3", and "GPL" refer to version 3 of the GNU General
Public License. A copy should have been included in the source code you
have received in a file named "GPL3". If not, you may find a copy online
at <>.
"GNU AGPLv3", "AGPLv3", and "AGPL" refer to version 3 of the GNU Affero
General Public License. A copy should have been included in the source code
you have received in a file named "AGPL3". If not, you may find a copy
online at <>.
The terms "Copyright", "Program", "modify", and "convey" are as defined
in version 3 of the GNU General Public License.
"Source code" is as defined in version 3 of the GNU General Public License.
"Commit" refers to modifications to the Program which are packaged,
transmitted, and patched into the source code as "Git Commits" utilizing
the Git distributed version control system. A commit being governed by
a license means all source code and modifications within that commit
package are subject to that license.
"Private server" refers to a computer or network system running any instance
of Project Topaz, in whole or in part, which accepts connections or commands
from users other than one physically present at the computer system.
Computer or network systems which pass or forward commands to any instance
of Project Topaz are considered part of the same private server, regardless
of how Project Topaz instances or computer systems are physically distributed.
"Retail" and "Retail server" refer to the online servers for the
video game Final Fantasy XI, owned and copyright by Square Enix, Co. which
their subscribers can connect to. If these servers are no longer online
at the time this license is granted, it refers to their servers as they
were immediately prior to being taken offline, or otherwise barred from
access by the general public.
"Retail behavior" means the features of, interaction with, output of,
or delayed effects resulting from user interaction which would occur
on a retail server.
"Non-retail" and "Non-retail modification" refer to modifications of
the Program which do not seek to emulate retail behavior.
Modifications seeking to emulate, or give the appearance of emulating,
a behavior of a retail server are not non-retail modifications, even if
the modification is inaccurate to retail behavior, unless the modified
behavior is distinguishable from the retail behavior to a person
person who only has a cursory knowledge of the retail behavior.
As examples, a modification changing the game characters which a
player can interact with in the equivalent game area on retail, or
making a game character say things they never would on retail, would be
considered a non-retail modification. A difference in combat statistics
of a game monster between how they are on retail and how they are on
a private server is not considered a non-retail modification, unless
the difference in statistics would be immediately apparent to a player
fighting that game monster on both servers.
"Player interface" means an interface that a user connecting to a
private server visibly sees on a computer screen, which can relay text,
that a user is capable of reading or viewing the text history of from
within the same interface.
1. Project Repository.
Project Topaz is a distributively developed project, which takes
contributions from many developers all over the world. It utilizes
Git, a distributed version control system, for its development.
The current source code for the project is available online at:
As part of using Git, code contributions by developers can be
be tracked and attributed on an individual level. If you
obtained this source code by cloning it from GitHub, you can use
any number of Git clients found online to parse this information.
If instead you obtained this source code by downloading it
without cloning, or were given it by a third party, and the archive
you received lacks this Git information, you can and are encouraged
to view this information on our GitHub repository.
2. Basic License Terms.
Project Topaz is a combined work of source code licensed under
both the GPLv3, and the AGPLv3 with Additional Terms we are adding
through Section 7 Additional Terms of both licenses. These Additional
Terms are defined later in this license document.
All Git commits which originate from Darkstar Project, either
before or after Project Topaz's initial repository commit on
GitHub, are governed by the GPLv3.
Source code files which are marked as being licensed under
the GPLv3 are as marked. There may be additional terms which apply
to these files. These will be declared in the license header at
the top of the file.
Additionally, any source code files which are not clearly marked
as being governed by the AGPLv3 may be assumed to be governed
by the GPLv3.
Portions of Project Topaz which are governed by the AGPLv3 will
be clearly marked at the top of all relevant source code files.
When such declared, there are additional terms applied to these
source files which supplement the AGPLv3. These additional terms
are defined later in this license document.
Your rights to use, modify, and distribute source code are governed
by the license which the original work was licensed under. However,
per Section 13 of both the GPLv3 and the AGPLv3, all modifications
you make to this Program, or works you combine with this Program,
are subject to the requirements of the AGPLv3 concerning interaction
through a network.
3. Additional Terms.
Through Section 7, Additional Terms of the AGPLv3, we are adding
the following additional terms to our material:
For all of our material which is governed by the AGPLv3,
Project Topaz grants you an additional permission exempting
you from being bound by Section 13 Remote Network Interaction
of the AGPLv3, for modifications you make to the Program, if
the modification is:
i. Necessary for the basic operation of a private server.
Examples include basic server configuration, network
connection configuration, and database access information; or
ii. A non-retail modification, which can not reasonably be
considered a modification with the purpose of improving server
stability, performance, or security; or
iii. A modification to the database import files included
with the source code, if the modification can be reasonably
considered to necessitate secrecy for the purpose of player
surprise or discovery
If you convey this Program to a recipient, you must preserve
and also convey to the recipient any existing lists of
Program authors and contributors, such as those displayed by
the Program, or those found in an AUTHORS file. All existing
dates, and all existing copyright notices must also be retained.
As an exception to the above, you may alter any attributions
or notices added by Project Topaz to the extent required to
remedy known factual inaccuracies.
If you modify and convey this Program, you are permitted to
to add yourself to such lists. You are also permitted to
rename any attribution files, so long as the filename still
clearly indicates that the authors listed in the file
contributed to the modified Program. If this is done, you must
include a notice in any new author attribution files you
create stating the following:
"Contributors to Project Topaz, upon which this Program is based,
can be found: " followed by the path to original file.
The origin of this Program must not be misrepresented. You
shall not claim, suggest, nor imply you wrote this Program,
in whole or in part, unless you are the original author for
the distinct part for which you claim to be the author.
If you convey modified versions of this Program, you may not
misrepresent that modified Program as being "Project Topaz",
unless that modified Program is being conveyed back to
Project Topaz with the intention of the modification's inclusion
into the project.
If you convey modified versions to recipients other than Project
Topaz, you shall mark the material such that any users interacting
with the Program are given notice - through an applicable player
interface of your choosing - that the Program has been modified
from its original version, unless that modification was necessary
for the basic operation of the server.
4. Revised Versions.
Project Topaz may publish new or revised versions of this license.
These new versions will be similar in spirit, but may differ to address
new problems or concerns with the project by modifying the additional
permissions we grant to you, or modify the restrictions imposed on you,
to the extent allowed under AGPLv3 Section 7, Additional Terms.
The license for which you may use the Program is the one you
received along with a copy of this source code, or at your option,
any later version of the Project Topaz License Agreement that has
been published by Project Topaz. However, no additional obligations
are imposed upon authors or copyright holders due to your choice
in following a later version of this license.