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Welcome to the Project-Trident wiki!

Details about Project Trident based on Void Linux:

System Infrastructure

Subsystem Used For Utility Default Setup CLI Config GUI Config Notes
Filesystem Saves and manages data on disk OpenZFS
Firewall System security from network intrusion nftables Open-out, closed-in /etc/nftables.conf , templates in /etc/firewall-conf/*.conf TO-DO
IP Network connection and access dhcpcd Comes from Void Linux /etc/dhcpcd.conf TO-DO
DNS Resolver Generate DNS resolution rules resolvconf Comes from Void Linux /etc/resolvconf.conf TO-DO
NTP Clock accuracy and synchronization openntpd Sync on network connect (dhcpcd hook) /etc/ntpd.conf NONE
SSL Required for encryption in most things OpenSSL Comes from Void Linux NONE NONE
Scheduled Tasks Setup periodic schedules for system tasks dcron

Known Hardware Tweaks

Some hardware/laptops may need specific tweaks to get everything working. See the Hardware Tweaks Page for information about these types of fixes.