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Trident Icons

XDG Icon Themes for Project Trident

This repository is a collection of icon themes that adhere to the FreeDesktop (XDG) icon theme specifications.


  • la-capitaine[-dark]: Originally copied from the upstream github repository on 4/27/18. The icons were subsequently split up into self-contained light/dark versions to allow for simultaneous installation and some additional standardization of the directory names (scalable/symbolic only). Some additional
    • Additional Icons copied from the "Infinity" icon theme on 4/28/18: system-lock-screen, system-log-out, system-reboot, system-save-session, system-shutdown, system-suspend-hibernate, system-suspend, system-switch-user, system-users. Both icon themes are available under the GPLv3 license so there are no licensing limitations or modifications needed for this change.


Each of the individual icon themes has their own licensing terms and all changes by Project Trident for each theme are available under the designated license for each individual icon theme. Please look at the COPYING or LICENSE files in each theme directory for the specifics of each individual theme.

All of the scripts and package files outside of the individual icon themes are available under the MIT license.

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