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Enterprise-level Sponsors

For information about Enterprise-level sponsorships, please contact the Project Trident Core Team.

{{< figure src="/images/sponsor-ixsystems.png" title="Enterprise storage and servers, powered by Open Source" link="" target="_blank" rel="external" >}}

Become a Sponsor

While Project Trident is a minimal-activity, for-profit business in the United States, all financial information is completely open and all sponsorships/donations go toward the furtherment of the project itself.

If you wish to view our financial statements and/or expense accounts, you can find them all on the trident-finances GitHub repository.

  • 2019 Budget: $25/month, $300/year
  • 2019 Goal: $50/month, $600/year
  • 2018 Results: $154 Budgeted, $255.28 in sponsorships (+65.7% of budget)

Monetary sponsorship

Unless explicitly requested, sponsor information (such as name) will not be publicly posted. Only the sponsorship amount and date will be placed into the public records.

{{< donate >}}

Effort-based sponsorship

Contact the Project Trident Core Team to discuss additional opportunities

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