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BacklightNotification function is by default disabled on boot.

Please use my "BacklightNotification settings app" to enabled/disable it.
You are allowed to distribute the free version of that app with your kernel/rom.

Howto integrate BLN into your kernel:
1. choose the patch according to your kernel version ;)
2. patch your kernel:
      cd <kerneldir>
      patch -p1 -i <patchfile>
3. Select in menuconfig under Device Drivers ---> Input device support ---> Keyboards ---> <*> Cypress touch keypad support
   (if not already selected))

To disable bln in config:
Unselect in menuconfig under Device Drivers ---> Input device support ---> Keyboards ---> [] Cypress touch keypad: use backlight notification

If you dont want to use the provided bln-initramfs:
How to integrate liblights-copy-work to your initramfs:

 example script for froyo:
  if /sbin/busybox [ /res/misc/ -nt /system/lib/hw/ ]
	if /sbin/busybox [ ! -f /system/lib/hw/ ]
		# do backup
		cat /system/lib/hw/ > /system/lib/hw/
	# copy liblights
	cat /res/misc/ > /system/lib/hw/
	#set permissions
	chmod 755 /system/lib/hw/

You maybe need to include busybox with cat, chmod, echo and test support
or use the toolbox distributed with samsungs firmware (not always available).
And you need to change the liblights name for eclair.

An always working script is this (but dangerous! no backup):
    cat /res/misc/ > /system/lib/hw/
    chmod 755 /system/lib/hw/
And this is the example for the updater-script for recovery.
 # installing
 package_extract_dir("system", "/system");
 set_perm(0, 0, 0644, "/system/lib/hw/");
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