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Latest commit 01af946 Jun 21, 2012 @supercurio supercurio Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM unlock source code
version 1.0 beta1
see README and COPYING for license and more details


This is Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock application,available on Google Play:

What you have here is open source code, published under my favourite WTFPL
Guess what it means...

Please change the strings and names if you want to publish a clone of the app,
You could be even nicer by contributing to this one directly ;)

Also if you find bugs in the source code, especially critical & security ones
please contact me as soon as possible.

Original source code location:


Simond François aka supercurio!/supercurio

Unlocking method by txlibre:
Adapted from this original work from many contributors:


Current version has one known issue (not a big one) which is the secret code
*#7465625# popping up system "Personalization Status" tool only at second

One missing feature is backup restoration and re-locking.
Thing is restoring from a backup stored on sdcard is unsafe by design, because
this backup could be altered by mistake or malicious tools.
Also, if something went wrong it might be a good idea to restore backups
manually after careful analyss, as you know, things are not not supposed
to go wrong with this app^^

Re-locking however is a trivial operation and shall be implemented if it's
a common feature request.

Of course you might have noticed that the app is ugly as hell.
This is kind of intended as people notice immediately it's a hacker tool
instead of a commercial polished solution they'll complain about to the author,
but if you feel like contributing with a beautiful yet simple UI.. why not!
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