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Project ACRN

A flexible, light-weight, open source reference hypervisor for IoT devices

Popular repositories

  1. Project ACRN hypervisor

    C 892 447

  2. Kernel tree for ACRN

    C 73 138

  3. Project ACRN Documentation Publishing Site

    HTML 14 18

  4. Unit test for ACRN, including unit test cases for hypervisor and device model.

    C 8 23

  5. Forked from tianocore/edk2

    acrn-edk2 is a fork of EDK II (, ACRN uses one of its sub component, OvmfPkg as virtual bootloader.

    C 8 12

  6. Libvirt is an open-source API, daemon and management tool for managing platform virtualization, widely used in the orchestration layer in a cloud-based solution. For ACRN, we add this "ACRN driver”…

    C 8 14


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