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## What’s Ne10?
Ne10 is a library of common, useful functions that have been heavily optimised for ARM-based CPUs equipped with [NEON]( SIMD capabilities. It provides consistent, well-tested behaviour, allowing for painless integration into a wide variety of applications. The library currently focuses primarily around math, signal processing, image processing, and physics functions.

## Building
## Building [![CircleCI](](
Out of the box, Ne10 supports the Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. For instructions on building Ne10 for these platforms, please consult the build instructions in [``]( It is possible to use the library on other platforms (or, indeed, “without a platform”), however you may have to fiddle with some of the build configuration files.

Once Ne10 has been built, it can be linked against just like any other C library. To link C code against Ne10, for instance, the compiler must first be aware of Ne10's library and header files — those within `build/modules/` and `inc/`. To do this, these files can be copied to the standard directories used by compilation tools by running `make install`, or by installing Ne10 from a package manager. Following this, you can simply include `Ne10.h` in your C code, and ask the compiler to link against the `NE10` library (e.g. with `-lNE10`).
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