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This playbook aims to be an improved version of the sanity tests. It is initially targeted at the CAHC stream

The focus of this set of tests are things like:

  • adding users
  • modifying /etc
  • adding data to /var
  • /tmp permissions

...and the interaction of these actions during upgrades and rollbacks.

In the future, the playbook can be expanded with similar small and focused tests.


  • Ansible version 2+ (the playbook was tested using Ansible 2.1)

  • Configure subscription data (if used)

    If running against a RHEL Atomic Host, you should provide subscription data that can be used by subscription-manager. See roles/redhat_subscribe/tasks/main.yaml for additional details.

  • Configure the required variables to your liking in tests/improved-sanity-tests/vars.yml.

  • Because these tests are geared towards testing upgrades and rollbacks, the system under test should have a new tree available to upgrade to.

Running the Playbook

To run the test, simply invoke as any other Ansible playbook:

$ ansible-playbook -i inventory tests/improved-sanity-test/main.yml

NOTE: You are responsible for providing a host to run the test against and the inventory file for that host.