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1.19 (2017-08-17)

Add configuration compliance scan to "atomic scan"
Atomic/backends/ Correct NoneType error (BZ #1481967)
Atomic/backends/ Correct run flow
Atomic/ Add NAME field to container list
Atomic/ Don't write the install data if the install fails
Atomic/ Fix duplication with fq image name (BZ #1480325)
Atomic/ Add rootfs to self.mount_paths BZ:1461788
Atomic/ Set prefix to "/" if None
Atomic/ Fix str/byte encoding for Python3
Atomic/ Python3 throws an exception
Fix Python3 issues for F26
Fix multiple images filters
Fix the _mark_used function to identify image as being used
Honor --gnupghome on push
Introduction of ContainersStorage backend
Remove commissaire integration
help: add '-t' argument to groff call to preprocess tables
images: include the backend in list --json
images: show the virtual size for system containers
syscontainers: by default disable copy to the host with --user
syscontainers: by default don't install rpm on AH
syscontainers: cleanup on Ctrl-C
syscontainers: drop import via libarchive
syscontainers: fix default template for systemd
syscontainers: fix reading image id in run_once
syscontainers: introduce CONF_DIRECTORY
syscontainers: make sure we can delete dirs/files with --user
syscontainers: on error delete temporary copied files
syscontainers: print what files are copied to the host
syscontainers: refactor a duplicated variable
syscontainers: remove self.user condition for extract
syscontainers: store the size of an OCI layer
syscontainers: support PIDFILE with bwrap-oci
uninstall: inhibit UNINSTALL if there are running containers
util: allow to override gomtree|bwrap_oci|runc|skopeo paths

1.18 (2017-06-1)

Add integrations tests for
Allow mount/unmount without active dockerd
Atomic/backends/ Error prevention with atomic run
Atomic/backends/ Fix uninstall
Atomic/ Always return json when requested
Atomic/ quiet supersedes json
Atomic/rpm_host_install: rename the RPM to the container name
Atomic/rpm_host_install: replace rpmbuild with rpmwriter module
Atomic/ new module for writing an RPM file
Atomic/ Supress Error output
Atomic/ Fix tag to work with dockerd, invalid images BZ #1454656
Atomic/ Add logic to install lookup for shortnames
Atomic/ Add no_proxy
Atomic/ Check install against FQ name
Atomic/ decode registries information to utf-8
Do not strip port for insecure check
Fix container/image filters
Fix mount for ostree backends.  Needed to make sure the cmd
Fix tagged images not being displayed
Incorporate registries parsing tool
Merge pull request #978 from jlebon/pr/rhci-resize-root
Prefix RPM labels with atomic.
Re-pulling image error should exit 0
Refactor system container tests
Replace tarfile with tar on ostree import case
add manpage for help command
atomic.conf: fix syntax error of the YAML format
atomic: Fix silent failure from AssertionError
bug: Escape %config in
correct parameter name for InstallData
dbus: Anonymous pushes should not fail on auth
docker,uninstall: correct cmd manipulation
help: prefer help file over label
implement `install --storage=docker --system-package=yes`
mount: create context manager for {Docker,OSTree}Mount
mount: use system containers storage when possible
refactor: move {un,}install_rpm to rpm_host_install
resolves #993 fixes file bind mounts
rpm_host_install: don't dupe files from /etc
rpm_host_install: let build_rpm return installed files
syscontainers: add function for mounting from the storage
syscontainers: add new test image
syscontainers: do not commit special files
syscontainers: do not fail if the file already exist on the host
syscontainers: do not overwrite main error message
syscontainers: drop support for OSTree < 2016.8
syscontainers: ensure the parent directory exists on file copy
syscontainers: honor ATOMIC_OSTREE_REPO also in user mode
syscontainers: introduce EXEC_STARTPRE and EXEC_STOPPOST
syscontainers: introduce containers storage
syscontainers: introduce variable PIDFILE
syscontainers: prune layers from the storage
syscontainers: support detached mode for the default config file
syscontainers: support detached runC containers
syscontainers: support rename of directories
syscontainers: use storage for oneshot containers
syscontainers: use the correct manifest to read the image id
syscontainers: use the correct path for the storage on Atomic Host

1.17 (2017-04-20)

Allow anonymous push
Always use fq names for dest image
dbus: Lots of fixes
Atomic/ Record installs for later use
Fix registries.d/*.yaml config lookup
Fix “fqdn” computation in RegistryInspect
Honor proxy usage
Makefile: add new rule test-suite
Only compute util.Decompose(expanded_image_name) once
Simplify registries.d/*.yaml config lookup
Update (atomic sign) for the updated sigstore layout
atomic.d/openscap: Improve openscap scans
backends: add tag_image method
bash: add autocompletion for images tag
docs: document images tag
image: add new subcommand tag
install: add --system-package
Improve Atomic Install
    Lots of improvements in system containers
    syscontainer: support rpm installs
syscontainers: Add run once logic to install
syscontainers: fix containers list --json
syscontainers: use --systemd-cgroup with runC
systemcontainers: fill default values when using oneshot
util: Don't try to create directories at module import time

1.16 (2017-02-22)

Fix uninstall bug: BZ 1425495
add --lvsize option to atomic storage modify
Account for API Changes in docker-py-2
Suppress STDOUT of lower level commands e.g. vgreduce, wipefs.
Fix Stop Regression: BZ #1422448
Enable dbus install, stop.
Allow for async scans via dbus
syscontainers: allow delete by image id
syscontainers: support @sha256: format for image listing
Fix FQ Name for SystemContainers

1.15 (2017-01-17)

update default trust policy file
Validate reg input to trust add cmd
Atomic/objects/ Fix verify for v1
Atomic/ Fix dbus implementation of image verify
main: Don't catch all AttributeErrors
storage: Process arguments in set_args, not __init__
images, containers: do lowercase comparison for filter values
images: apply filters before any output
containers: --json exports image_id
Refactor atomic stop
Add keywords to completions

1.14 (2017-01-02)

update: refactor into non-base verbs
Atomic storage reset does not work on docker-latest
Fixes for documentation
syscontainers: unlink temporary file if substitution fails
syscontainers: simplify substitution of variables
Add --all to images delete
tests: replace sed with a python script
syscontainers: prune the ostree repo with images prune
syscontainers: allow delete multiple images by ID
syscontainers: use the image id from the raw manifest
syscontainers: use system checkout as import tmp directory
syscontainers: fix tarfile import with no RepoTags
syscontainers: generate an UUID at installation time
syscontainers: update honor --force
Refactor containers verb
Atomic/ Fix options bug
Unify and refactor atomic verify
fix get auth from
redhat-ci: make testsuites required
push: prompt user/pass lowercase
Atomic/ Use go-mtree for file comparisons
run: add --detach and only add -t if in a TTY
dbus: fix Install() and Run() signatures
pull: support dockertar for docker backend
Atomic/ Fix options handling in top
generate: default storage for mounts
Add fedora25_cloud target for vagrant
Atomic Info Unittests
Refactor images
The HELP label by default should be "help"
atomic_dbus: keep the name until the process exits
Add substitutions for Opt variables
Minor fix to delete
Atomic/ Re-Add _clean_temp_container_by_path (BZ 1397839) adapt for newer sepolicies
syscontainers: add rollback
backends: has image|container return objects
syscontainers: fix installation
backends: add skeleton for ostree backend
syscontainers: allow to specify what image to pull
syscontainers: get_containers accept what containers to inspect
Add refactoring structure
Atomic/ shutil.rmtree input must be dir
Use centos for all test images
syscontainers: output better json errors
atomic diff: Add ability to compare metadata
syscontainers: environment variable detection
Add  SYSTEMD_IGNORE_CHROOT=1 to environment of SPCs
The HELP label by default should be "help"
make vagrant-check: Run tests with vagrant

1.13 (2016-12-13)

Refactor verbs: containers update verify images backends: has image|container return objects Add SYSTEMD_IGNORE_CHROOT=1 to environment of SPCs Atomic diff: Use go-mtree for file comparisons syscontainers: Lots of Bug Fixes simplify substitution of variables add rollback Signing: push - use credentials in skopeo copy pull: support dockertar for docker backend fix get auth from prompt user/pass lowercase

Dbus Bindings:

1.13 (2016-10-24)

Add --storage option to image-related commands syscontainers: Fix docker: and dockertar: installs Atomic/ Enable filter for dangling. Add atomic trust verb Add support for image signing Add support for overlay2 driver Allow pull from registry not in docker conf Add dbus support for atomic stop Add dbus support for atomic install/uninstall Add dbus support for atomic run Add dbus support for atomic pull Add dbus support for atomic top. Remove primary commands and move to images subcommand atomic help atomic info atomic verify atomic version Introduce registry inspect methods

1.12 (2016-9-7)

Fixes for syscontainers Add atomic images generate to generate mtree meta data Fix up atomic with overlay backend Add atomic sign to allow simple signing of images Add atomic pull support for signatures

1.11 (2016-8-9)

Add support for system containers Add support for managing storage Add support for atomic ps Improve dbus interfaces Improvements to atomic scan

1.10 (2016-5-25)

Improve Error Handling

  • Unify error messages for no docker daemon (BZ #1300187)

Add atomic storage command

  • Modify docker-storage-setup to reset storage
  • Move atomic migrate to atomic storage atomic diff improvements
  • Improve docs and output messages for diff atomic scan improvements
  • Allow specification of rootfs
  • Implement generic scanning in Atomic
  • Do standard compliance scan without CVEs using openscap atomic install|run
  • Set PWD environment if not currently set
  • Fix handling of unicode names
  • Fix shell expansion on commands. atomic hosts unlock
  • Remove r/o bind mount on atomic host /usr. Replace it with writable overlay filesystem. Support for system containers
  • Add install/uninstall/update/images --system command
  • Use OSTree to store layers and do containers checkouts
  • Store system containers on ostree in /var/lib/containers/atomic/
  • Use Skopeo to retrieve manifest and layers
  • atomic pull --storage Allow atomic command to run as non root for certain commands

1.9 (2016-2-22)

Use Skopeo for remote inspection Use docker.AutoVersionClient to avoid API version mismatch atomic: harden shell invocations Use the async API from openscap-daemon to perform CVE scans if possible Atomic/ Add security implications messages based on RUN label Atomic/ Display man-like help for an image

1.8 (2015-12-10)

Add atomic top Fix lean in atomic diff

1.7 (2015-11-13)

Add atomic migrate Add atomic host deploy

1.6 (2015-10-22)

Support python3

1.5 (2015-09-29)

Add atomic scan

1.4 (2015-09-1)

Add atomic push --satellite Change upload to push

1.3 (2015-09-1)

Add atomic mount

1.2 (2015-08-14)

Add atomic install display option Add atomic -v option

1.1 (2015-01-14)

Add atomic verify

1.0 (2015-01-14)

Initial Version

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