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@cdrage cdrage released this
· 391 commits to master since this release
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This release introduces a new provider (Mesos) as well as a major refactor of the OpenShift provider.

For an extended list of changes please see the git log below of the changes between 0.2.3 and 0.3.0

Aaron Weitekamp <>:
      Update OpenShift docs to describe how native mode works

Charlie Drage <>:
      Adds some more information when running --dry-run
      Default to a reasonable provider in /artifacts
      Minor fix in nulecule testing and flake8
      Add clean to Makefile

Dharmit Shah <>:
      Common place for list of Providers
      Adds Marathon provider data for `helloapache` example
      Nulecule for `helloapache` app now contains information about marathon artifacts
      CLI tests for marathon provider using `helloapache` atomic app
      Information about where to specify `providerapi` for Marathon provider
      Changes suggested in PR review
      Added try..except block for request
      Catch `AnyMarkupError` instead of `Exception` for invalid artifacts
      Use `ProviderFailedException` instead of `sys.exit`

Dusty Mabe <>:
      Support for options anywhere on command line.
      Adds dockerignore file.
      Removes VOLUME from Dockerfiles.
      Update working dir to have broader permissions.
      Provider documentation update/re-organization.
      utils: adds function to detect if running in openshift pod.
      Act accordingly if run via `oc new-app`.
      Allow non-root in openshift pod to grab lockfile.
      Revert "Remove container on stopping on Docker provider. Fixes #389"

Ratnadeep Debnath <>:
      Move global cli options to sub command level.
      Remove container on stopping on Docker provider. Fixes #389

Tomas Kral <>:
      first attempt to use OpenShift api instead of oc command
      openshift - add pods and persistentvolumeclaims
      add requests as dependency
      openshift provider - fix duplicate deployment with composite apps
      openshift provider cleanup and working undeploy
      openshift-api refactoring
      openshift-api add template processing
      openshift-api keep types specified in json
      openshift-api fix issues raised in code review #420
      openshift-api validate artifact in _process_artifacts
      openshift-api add providerconfig support
      openshift-api fail if providerconfig and answers.conf are in conflict
      openshift-api handle timeouts when communicating with remote api
      openshift-api update docs
      openshift-api remove undeploy() for now as it is not working properly
      move openshift._make_request() to Utils.make_rest_request()
      first draft of marathon provider
      change providerurl to providerapi
      fix dry-run for marathon
      empty marathon_artifacts array in init()
      marathon fixes
      add Marathon to list of supported providers
      raise exeption on AnyMarkupError in Marathon provider
      mention Mesos with Marathon in docs
      use Utils.make_rest_request in Marathon provider
      add more docs to functions in Marathon provider