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commctl v0.0.6

* 4c9bb6a: travis: Force lib upgrade on tests
* 992c992: doc: Update copyright year
* a5f18c3: test: Use six.b for _content in mocks
* c3419d1: test: Add network create to cli tests
* 9d5d0db: test: Add client script function tests
* 387566d: Post-release version bump.

commctl v0.0.5

* 81dcfbd: cli: Rework --options for "container_manager create".
* 1b77f09: cli: Enable --type when creating container manager.
* 687bddc: Post-release version bump.

commctl v0.0.4

* 2602c30: cli: Add host join/unjoin commands.
* bde5a30: cli: Add user-data command
* 97b4acd: setup: Add data dir for future user-data command
* 1a6a65e: helpers: passhash moved
* 2a82a25: cli: Example updated to point to deploy
* 4efabce: Use "six" for easier Python 2/3 compatibility.
* 3ec58a2: Support Python 3.
* 85bf438: Post-release version bump.

commctl v0.0.3

* 6b31ee2: Post-release version bump.

commctl v0.0.2

* 185f47c: Add for 0.0.2 release.
* 1e2d728: Fix container manager routes.
* b54ba92: container: Added Dockerfile
* a0b7ab5: Added new command container_manager.