A lightweight REST interface for under-the-covers cluster system management.
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The lightweight REST API for Node Management.

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Note: This repo now contains the common code used by Commissaire components. If you have an older checkout you will need to re-clone. For the original repo see commissaire-mvp

Related projects are:


  • commissaire-service which provides the microservices and base code for the services.
  • commissaire-http provides the HTTP REST front-end. It is responsible for routing of requests, the business logic, passing work to the services, and responding results back to the client.

Community Projects:

Community Meeting

See the Community Meetings page.

Python Version

Commissaire is intended to work on Python 3.5+.

Building Docs

Make sure you have Sphinx, sphinx-rtd-theme, and Setuptools installed.

$ python3 setup.py build_sphinx          # build to html
$ xdg-open build/sphinx/html/index.html  # open it up