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Commissaire is a lightweight REST interface for performing system management tasks on network hosts in a cluster through Ansible.

Current capabilities include rolling upgrades and restarts of traditional or "Atomic" hosts, and bootstrapping new hosts into an existing "container management" system such as OpenShift or Kubernetes.

Moving forward, Commissaire will expand the scope of its REST interface to provide centralized host inventory management and consoldate various Linux subsystems into a centralized API.

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Note: This repo now contains the common code used by Commissaire components. If you have an older checkout you will need to re-clone. For the original repo see commissaire-mvp

Related projects are:


  • commissaire-service which provides the microservices and base code for the services.
  • commissaire-http provides the HTTP REST front-end. It is responsible for routing of requests, the business logic, passing work to the services, and responding results back to the client.

Community Projects:

Community Meeting

See the Community Meetings page.

Python Version

Commissaire is intended to work on Python 3.5+.

Building Docs

Make sure you have Sphinx, sphinx-rtd-theme, and Setuptools installed.

$ python3 build_sphinx          # build to html
$ xdg-open build/sphinx/html/index.html  # open it up