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Nulecule Library

This library contains a set of working examples of composite container applications. The applications are specified using the Nulecule Specification. This specification allows for reusable components and defines a full multi-container application. You may use the applications for reference or, in some cases, deployment.

These examples are all intended to be used with atomicapp. There is a thorough getting started guide available.


Library format


Please only include the /artifact directory and the Nulecule, Dockerfile and files in your application.

For example projectatomic/helloapache, only includes the following files:

├── artifacts
│   ├── docker
│   │   └── hello-apache-pod_run
│   ├── kubernetes
│   │   └── hello-apache-pod.json
├── Dockerfile
├── Nulecule

The file should contain the following three sections:

  1. Description: What the application does
  2. Deployment: How to deploy the application using the atomic or atomicapp CLIs
  3. Interaction: How to access/use the application after deployment

Generating the index.yaml for atomicapp index list commands

In order to generate a Docker-compatible image for an Atomic App library index. Use the following steps:

atomicapp index generate .
docker build -t $USER/index .


Feel free to open a PR if you wish to contribute to the nulecule-library! We accept all kind of applications.

Communication channels


A set of nulecule-ized applications that can be used for reference or as part of your applications




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