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"$schema": "",
"title": "Schema",
"version": "0.0.2",
"description": "The Container Application specification defines a set of configuration files that describe a Container Application. A Container Application is composed of a set of container-based services and/or other Container Applications that together provide an application. These configuration files can be used by tools to deploy the application in an automated way or with customizations as specified by the deployer. Developers tools can generate most of the required files and utilities, such as testing tools, can take advantage of these files.",
"required": [ "id", "specversion", "graph" ],
"properties": {
"id": {
"description": "The machine readable id of the Container Application.",
"type": "string",
"default": "null"
"specversion": {
"description": "The semantic version string of the Container Application Specification used to describe the app. The value SHOULD be '0.0.2'.",
"type": "string",
"default": "0.0.2"
"metadata": {
"$ref": "file:metadata.json"
"params": {
"description": "A list of ParamsObject that contain information in the global context of the application, accessible to it's child graph items.",
"type": "array",
"items": {
"$ref": "file:param.json"
"graph": {
"$ref": "file:graph.json"
"requirements": {
"$ref": "file:requirement.json"