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Project Atomic's very own GitHub PR tester.
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baude and jlebon Addition of conmon under papr
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PAPR (previously called redhat-ci)

PAPR (pronounced like "paper") is a testing tool similar in workflow to Travis CI, but with an emphasis on enabling test environments useful for the Project Atomic effort. Only Fedora and CentOS-based test environments are supported for now (see DISTROS for details).

Configured projects have a .papr.yml file located in their repositories, detailing how to provision the environment and which tests should be run. Multiple testsuites can be defined, each with a different "context" (these refer to the names of the status checkmarks that appear on GitHub pull requests). A sample YAML file with allowed keys can be found here.

A running instance of this service is currently maintained in the internal Red Hat infrastructure and is set up to monitor a growing list of projects. The full list of monitored repos appears below.

If you'd like to run your own instance of this service, please see RUNNING.

Monitored projects

If you would like to have a repository added, please open a pull request to update the list above.

More details about Project Atomic CI services

In addition to PAPR, many of the projects above are also hooked up to our instance of the upstream Homu project.

While PAPR deals with automatic testing of branches and PRs, Homu is used as a merge bot.

You only need to know a few commands to interact with these services:

  • If PR tests failed and you'd like to rerun them, use bot, retest this please.
  • If a PR is ready to be merged, use @rh-atomic-bot r+ <commit sha>. This will rebase the PR on the target branch, rerun the tests, and push the commits if the tests pass.
  • If the merge failed and you want to retest it, use @rh-atomic-bot retry.

NOTE: it is not required (but encouraged!) to use Homu as a merge bot when using PAPR to automatically run tests against your PRs. If your repo is currently only using PAPR and would like to start using Homu, open an issue here to request usage of Homu.

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