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rpm-ostree gained PolicyKit support, contributed by Kalev Lember.  This
is a major new feature, as it lays the groundwork for e.g. a gnome-software
frontend.  Further, having this support in the core closes a longstanding
architectural gap between the traditional dnf uid 0 commandline-only approach and
PackageKit.  Now, there's one consistent authorization policy for host software
installations; we might even start discouraging use of `sudo rpm-ostree`.

Another feature which was added this release is experimental support
for overriding base packages. Traditionally, one was only able to *add* onto
the base layer with package layering. However, there are situations where
mutating the base layer itself is desirable. For example, it is now possible
to update a base package using the new `rpm-ostree ex override replace`
command. A similar `remove` command can be used to drop base packages.

Of course, such modifications should be done with care, since they in
effect "void" the warranty implied by an ostree commit. However, these
powerful semantics enable us to take the image/package hybrid paradigm
to a new level.

We've also cleaned up transaction output; the primary one here is that we
no longer print GPG status during pulls.  The status commandline also
condenses GPG verification results.

There's scattered other small work, like logging more information into
the journal, adding a Title to the DBus API to render transaction status,
handling RPM script interpreters correctly, and various CI/testing improvements.

Colin Walters (22):
      Bump libglnx, port to new tmpfile API
      postprocess: Some porting to new style
      Update libglnx
      Add human-readable Title to transaction, render in status
      daemon: Plug leak of AddMatch rules for RegisterClient
      compose: Error out early if treecompose-post isn't executable
      upgrader: Remove duplicate #defines
      upgrader: Add user-inaccessible private dir for rootfs checkouts
      scripts: Unlink our temporary post scripts
      tests: Use G_DEBUG=fatal-warnings for daemon
      treecompose: Add various g_prefix_error()
      daemon: Render txn data a bit more nicely
      daemon: Differentiate in logs between "client" and "caller"
      Remove all tabs ⭾ in *.[ch] and add a CI check for them
      daemon: Log caller uid
      postprocess: Style porting
      cmdline: Stop printing GPG results during pulls
      status: Use more concise GPGSignature without --verbose
      libpriv/passwd: Port to new style
      scripts: Port some to new style, minor cleanup
      lib/scripts: Handle script interpreters
      libpriv: Some style porting

Jonathan Lebon (63):
      compose: use test env fedora.repo file instead
      vmsync: also pull ostree from build container
      main: make `rpm` subcommand a proper alias
      main: delete duplicate GPG sig printing function
      main: deduplicate subcommand handling
      app: more conversion to new style
      core: absorb RpmOstreeInstall into RpmOstreeContext
      core: auto-call download_metadata()
      upgrader: factor out sack_has_subject
      origin: add helper to check if local assembly needed
      upgrader: drop unnecessary malloc for tmprootfs
      upgrader: refactor to improve legibility
      livefs: fix nested continue bug in optimization
      core: drop unused argument to assemble_tmprootfs
      origin: drop GCancellable arg and rename function
      app: add experimental support for pkg removals
      vmcheck: create new test-basic.sh test
      vmcheck: add new test for override remove
      origin: avoid double lookup on hash table removals
      core: don't use rpmfiles if missing
      util.h: add helper macro for proper English pluralization
      ci: add centos build checker
      status: don't use autoptr() on generated objects
      deploy transaction: append to txn title in piecemeal
      rpmostree-dbus-helpers: generalize pkg sorting
      vmoverlay: overlay on default checksum, not booted
      deploy: use consistent argument names
      postprocess: use glnx_throw helpers to add details
      postprocess: stronger handling for sepolicy in /var
      postprocess: always nuke /var/run
      postprocess: add explanatory comment re. /var/run
      core: fix error message construction
      rpm-utils: fix pkglist printout
      deploy transaction: factor out local RPM importing
      upgrader: fix missing goto out
      vmcheck: also clear repo metadata between tests
      libglnx: bump for GLNX_HASH_TABLE_FOREACH macros
      status: rename RequestedPackages to InactiveRequests
      override remove: allow inactive removals
      postprocess: prefix more errors
      tests: merge cache_branch_to_nevra into test-utils
      core: factor out pkgcache nevra to branch lookup
      unpacker: encode NEVRA info in commit metadata
      upgrader: make metadata tmp dir part of upgrader
      rpm-util: factor out get_by_pkgname
      libdnf: bump for stale cache fix
      tap-test: fix typo and actually create .test marker
      tap-test: create tmpdir in /var/tmp
      check/test-utils.c: assert no error first
      tests: add libtest.c for binary tests
      tests/check: remove test-compose.sh
      libtest: add build_rpm function
      tests: transition to build_rpm
      build_rpm: print out nevra rather than just name
      vmcheck: handle livefs reruns stronger
      sysroot-core: minor style updates
      core: plug leak from ignore_scripts hash table
      core: make cachebranch finder function public
      app: support `ex override replace` for local RPMs
      ci: make compose test required
      ci: start testing on F26
      core: only update repos enabled for packages
      codebase: partial porting to new style

Kalev Lember (5):
      Add polkit support
      ci: Install polkit-devel for c7-build
      libbuild.sh: Install polkit-devel
      Don't use polkit when running on the session bus
      daemon: Install dbus introspection files

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