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This release fixes a longstanding issue where `rpm-ostree upgrade`
would only check for updates on the rpm-md repo side if the
base tree changed.  Now we do check for layered package updates.
Issue: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/issues/391

In cases where PolicyKit is enabled, rpm-ostree now
automatically invokes an agent on demand, and supports
the CLI being invoked as non-root.  This is a big
change to the user experience for desktop systems, and
on the server side, also helps to e.g. define a policy that allows a system
management agent to initiate upgrades, but not install
packages for example.
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/894

rpm-ostree learned about RPM file triggers; this is necessary
for more and more packages in Fedora to work.
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/869
Thread: http://lists.rpm.org/pipermail/rpm-ecosystem/2017-July/000481.html

Another minor but welcome addition is that rpm-ostree now
outputs command descriptions in its -h/--help output.
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/916

There were also many fixes brought by a Coverity scan of
the codebase. No major issues were uncovered.
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/918

rpm-ostree learned about the new `ostree.endoflife` metadata
key, which displays an informative message when an OS stream (branch)
reaches end-of-life.  This will likely be used for Fedora
Atomic Host.
PR: https://github.com/projectatomic/rpm-ostree/pull/889

Colin Walters (29):
      build-sys: Update release instructions
      Update libglnx
      docs: Update HACKING.md
      core/scripts: Drop support for ignore-scripts
      core/scripts: Cleanup refactor
      scripts: Honor the -e flag for scripts
      tests: Add a test case for a %post that does rm -rf /
      Update libdnf
      Add releasever opt, avoid opening up host's rpmdb in treecompose
      lib: Expose new API around basearch
      lib: Add version macros and version checking function
      Update libglnx, do some porting to new APIs
      daemon: Add a sanitycheck(/bin/true) before we deploy a tree
      Implement file triggers (%transfiletriggerin) for layered pkgs
      lib: Log task output for pre/post scripts
      bin/compose: Use autocleanups for context structure
      scripts: Journal execution of %post/%posttrans, and times for all scripts
      docs: Update admin handbook, mention `ex` in manpage
      bin/rebase: Add -b and -m options
      postprocess: Port a bit more to new style
      bin/compose: Silently ignore --workdir-tmpfs
      bin/compose: Port to new code style
      app/ex-container: Port to new style
      livefs: Stop changing immutable bit on deployment roots
      daemon: Check for updated rpms when upgrading
      daemon: Use journal over syslog
      tree-wide: Port to ostree_repo_{open,create}_at()
      sysroot: Prefix error when loading deployment with index
      Release 2017.8

Jonathan Lebon (31):
      vmcheck: fixes for CentOS 7
      ci: unite testsuites and run vmcheck on centos
      ci: no longer run gnome-desktop-testing
      ci: stop working around updates-source mirrors
      ci: no longer install polkit-devel
      sync.sh: also copy out /etc files
      libglnx: bump for testsuite fix
      daemon: factor out uid fetching
      dbus: drop root check on RegisterClient()
      app: spawn polkit authentication agent
      vmcheck/test-basic.sh: strengthen pkg-add test
      vmcheck/test-basic.sh: adjust for new polkit policy
      overlay.sh: also overlay /etc to /usr/etc
      dbus: don't register if not active
      vmcheck: fix sync and overlay
      vmsync: overlay /etc only if it exists
      daemon: use upstreamed function to find rollback
      rollback: allow users to undo a rollback
      multitest.py: error if no hosts given
      vmcheck: create vmcheck branch and rebase onto it
      container-builtins: initialize fds to -1
      dbus-helpers: initialize bus name
      livefs: comment out dead code
      core: log error to journal
      scripts: check var before use
      unpacker: properly check for glib error
      container-builtins: squash a -Wmaybe-uninitialized
      libglnx: bump for Coverity fixes
      output: add support for messages
      daemon: ensure we consistently use output API
      daemon: use new journal-msg signal

Matthew Barnes (2):
      daemon: Avoid "Updating from: (null)" message
      tests: Support older versions of rsync

Ruixin (3):
      Deployment: add endoflife
      app: add more rpm-ostree -h output
      app: provide command description in a better place

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