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The most significant change in this release is the switch to staging by
default for all operations. One may notice this by looking for `Staged:`
in the output of `status -v` of pending deployments. This feature has
been baking for a while now and we don't expect any issues with this
PR: #1510

Another notable change on the build side is the switch to hard require
Rust, as was hinted in the previous release. This enables us to keep
driving forward with "oxidating" the codebase.
PR: #1509

A new feature related to the above is support for URLs to RPM packages
for both the `install` and `override replace` commands (as well as
`--install` switches). This is done using the Rust libcurl bindings.
PR: #1508

The `--allow-inactive` switch is now required when trying to overlay a
package that would be immediately inactive (e.g. `install glibc`).
Documentation for the `install` command has been updated to reflect
PR: #1545

For people doing custom builds, there are bugfixes and a few
enhancements in this release. Several of these were driven by work on a
new [coreos-assembler](https://github.com/coreos/coreos-assembler)
container which we're working on as part of the
[Fedora CoreOS](https://coreos.fedoraproject.org/) project. If you're
doing custom rpm-ostree-based OS builds, you likely want to take a look
at it, although do note that it's undergoing rapid development right

We've been making a push to have treefile inheritance be used more
broadly, and a few bugs were fixed where some values wouldn't be
inherited correctly.
PR: #1525

On to the enhancements: first, the RPM `Recommends:` has always been
enabled by default, but for people who want to build smaller systems, it
can now be turned off via `recommends: false` in the treefile.
PR: #1513

There is a new `postprocess` element which is more suitable for use when
treefile inheritance is in use, and is also convenient with the YAML
PR: #1527

There is a new `--write-composejson-to` argument which emits JSON
data that is intended to be consumed by higher level build systems.
PR: #1529

Multiple commits landed in this release in preparations for the eventual
switch away from nss-altfiles to systemd-sysusers.
PR: #1519

Finally, there were also the usual string of bug fixes, tweaks, and CI

As always, thanks to all the contributors!

Colin Walters (21 PRs, 26 commits)
  build-sys: Stop checking for Python (#1505)
  build-sys: Hard require Rust (#1509)
  Stabilize `stage` automatic update policy (#1510)
  treefile: Make `ref` optional in YAML (#1511)
  Add `recommends` to treefile (default on) (#1513)
  Use cbindgen (#1516)
  build-sys: Propagate verbosity into libdnf (#1520)
  Update libdnf (#1521)
  core: Disable --as-needed for -ldl -lm linkage (#1522)
  Fix `include`: with machineid-compat and a few other keys (#1525)
  treefile: Support inline `postprocess` element (for inheritance) (#1527)
  compose: Add --write-composejson-to (#1529)
  importer: Don't generate var-tmpfiles.d for rpm itself (#1533)
  compose: Don't print message about --force-nocache with --dry-run (#1534)
  compose: Do import with --unified-core and --download-only (#1535)
  tests: Rename one libcomposetest.sh (#1543)
  tests: Drop conditionals for Rust enablement (#1544)
  PR: #1430
    Turn staged deployments on by default
    livefs: Require deployment staging
    tests/vmcheck: Display human-readable status on jq failure
    tests: Remove dead `assert_status_jq`
  PR: #1528
    Add inputhash Provides to rojig RPMs
    compose: Fix workdir tmp dfd reference
  PR: #1532
    importer: Don't generate var-tmpfiles.d for rpm itself
    scripts: Workaround Lua in fedora-release-coreos too
  PR: #1538
    app/main: Give an immediate error if no /run/ostree-booted
    (and 1 commit from other author)

Jonathan Lebon (11 PRs, 12 commits)
  ci: Split compose test into two (#1498)
  compose: Check for packages after processing includes (#1500)
  app: Add support for passing URLs to RPMs (#1508)
  build: Fix building rust in debug mode (#1514)
  build: Tweak rpm version check for HAVE_NEW_RPM_VERIFY (#1515)
  vmcheck: Store temporary files in /var/tmp instead (#1531)
  core: Accumulate all missing pkgs into a single error (#1541)
  daemon: Make inactive requests a hard error (#1545)
  Release 2018.8 (#1547)
  PR: #1503
    app/status: Use β”œβ”€ glyph when printing origin repos
    app/status: Tweak output with --booted
  PR: #1538
    ci: Use FAH updates branch for newer librpm
    (and 1 commit from other author)

Micah Abbott (1 PR, 1 commit)
  tests/vmcheck: handle missing /etc/yum.repos.d (#1530)

Robert Fairley (1 PR, 1 commit)
  libpriv/rpmostree-util: Handle NULL passed to rpm_str_ptrarray_contains (#1507)

Ruixin Bao (1 PR, 7 commits)
  PR: #1519
    tests: add test for sorting + conversion of sysuser
    passwd-util: adds sorting logic for sysuser_entry
    passwd-util: add sysuser_ent to char function
    passwd-util: adds conversion of group entries to sysusers
    test: add unit test for passwd to sysuser conversion
    passwd-util: add conversion for passwd entries to sysusers
    passwd-util: add entries for conv_passwd_ent

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