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Lightweight ultra-fast library to store data in bi-temporal format
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A lightweiht easy to use Java library to store the history of changes of domain objects in bi-temporal format.

BarbelHisto tracks two time dimensions for you: record time is when a change to a domain object was recorded in the system (created and inactivated) and effective time is when this change is opposed to become effective or valid from a business viewpoint.

The library implements Martin Fowlers Temporal Pattern that can be found here:


  • bi-temporal (auditing-proof) data storage based on blazing fast cqengine collections
  • small easy-to-use API (as simple as bi-temporal data storage can get)
  • backed by transactional, high performance collections
  • works out of the box with default implementation and configuration
  • manage different time zones of client and server
  • persistence support for heap, off-heap, disk storage and custom data stores
  • provides basic functionality, extendible for individual needs
  • remember every change to the data, nothing is ever going to be deleted
  • build-in thread safety by minimizing mutability and object locking
  • pretty print function to learn about bitemporal data storage

Get a version of BarbelHisto

Get a version on Maven Central.

Download the actual snapshot releases.

Or clone this git repository to try some of the features of BarbelHisto.

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Memory analysis

Memory analysis results. One hour run, 5000 Objects saved every 10 seconds. OnHeapPersistence.
Result details here. Memory

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