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Public domain texts from Project Ben-Yehuda

This repository contains a dump of thousands of public domain works in Hebrew, from Project Ben-Yehuda, in plaintext UTF-8 files, with and without diacritics (nikkud), and in HTML files. The pseudocatalogue.csv file is a list of titles, authors, genres, and file paths, to help you process the dump.

The Releases tab contains a downloadable ZIP archive of the full release. The git repo can be used to track individual file changes, or for incremenetal updates. In the ZIPs, each format (plaintext, plaintext stripped of diacritics, and HTML) has a ZIP file containing one directory per author, with all the author's works under that directory.

To request changes or improvements to this dump, file an issue against this repository.

All these works are in the public domain, so you are free to make any use of them, and do not need to ask for permission.

If you would like to give credit, please credit "Project Ben-Yehuda volunteers", and include a link to the site. We'd also love to hear about the uses you've made of this dump, as it encourages us to keep producing the dump. E-mail us with a brief description (and links, if/as appropriate) of your re-use, at editor@benyehuda.org.