Summer Camp 2011 Next Steps

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BISmark Summer Camp 2011/BISmark Next Steps


  • DNS-based redirection / Geolocation / BIND+GeoIP
    • Requirements: Easy to use
  • KVM
  • Router flashing
  • TIE/passive measurement packaging
  • Level3 Deployment
  • Data format/Protobuf
  • TIE + OpenFlow
  • TCP connection splitting w/Polipo
    • Browser add-on to detect Polipo and set automatically
  • Web 10G Kernel Patch into OpenWRT
  • Wireless measurement: kismet (preferable to airodump-ng)


  • DNS-based redirection / Geolocation / BIND+GeoIP
    • Requirements: Easy to use
    • Is anyone actually maintaining DONAR now? (Jacopo will ask)
  • KVM (or virtual machines)
  • TIE/passive measurement packaging:
  • Router flashing
    • Need steady supply of WNDR 3700v2 routers for the lifetime of the project (18-24 m?)
    • Free routers?
    • What routers are coming down the pipe. Broadcom stuff contains binary blobs in wifi driver. Will the next version be open?
    • We love the 3700v2. What’s the direct successor to that?
    • Can Dave drop in as well?
  • Data format/Protobuf
  • Database
  • Archival
  • TIE + OpenFlow

  • When, where, and how many to ship routers?

    • 50 initial shipments, as that works, start shipping out more
    • First shipment: August 7 target, September 1 release date
    • US near MLab servers/cities, Amsterdam, Paris, Italy, Australia
    • First publication deadline: Mid-November

Research on Bismark

  • Level3 Deployment

  • TCP connection splitting w/Polipo

  • Turn connection splitting on and off to see performance difference

  • Idea for project: Home network lab in the lab. Simulate Comcast, AT&T, WiMax, other effects (powerboost, distance from central office, etc.)

    • Emulating/modeling the home network based on traces gathered in the field from Bismark
    • Use some of Keith’s consumer devices to run inside this type of environment
  • Explore different TCP variants on the router itself (Westwood+, Bic, Cubic)

  • Experimenting with different QoS systems

Other bismark features