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@jcoyne jcoyne released this Dec 19, 2018 · 47 commits to master since this release

New features

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Rails 5.2 support
  • Webpacker support
  • JSON-API support
  • Solr 7.2 support
  • Dynamic solr schema by default
  • Additive configuration #1767
  • Defined properties in the SolrDocument class #1659
    If you previously had a number of methods in your SolrDocument class like this:
def title

You can now simplify these by replacing with:

  include Blacklight::Solr::Document
  attribute :title, Blacklight::Types::String, 'title_tesim'

Bug fixes

  • if the application name isn't defined in the current language, fallback to the application_name in the default language. #1724


Add include Blacklight::DefaultComponentConfiguration to your catalog controller or

  configure_blacklight do |config|
    config.add_results_document_tool(:bookmark, partial: 'bookmark_control', if: :render_bookmarks_control?)


    config.add_show_tools_partial(:bookmark, partial: 'bookmark_control', if: :render_bookmarks_control?)
    config.add_show_tools_partial(:email, callback: :email_action, validator: :validate_email_params)
    config.add_show_tools_partial(:sms, if: :render_sms_action?, callback: :sms_action, validator: :validate_sms_params)

    config.add_nav_action(:bookmark, partial: 'blacklight/nav/bookmark', if: :render_bookmarks_control?)
    config.add_nav_action(:search_history, partial: 'blacklight/nav/search_history')

Documents are now returned using JSON-API at /catalog/:id.json This only returns fields that are configured using add_show_field. If you want to receive the full Solr document (all fields) in the format they were in in Blacklight 6, you must add the configuration: config.raw_endpoint.enabled = true and the endpoint will be changed to /catalog/:id/raw.json

If you are using Blacklight::Solr::Response directly, note that the options to the initializer have changed. Where previously it took :solr_document_model it now takes a :blacklight_config option.

Partial changes

shared/ajax_modal has moved toshared/modal

Bootstrap 3 to 4 migration guide

For updating your Blacklight application from Bootstrap 3 to 4, please review and contribute to the migration guide.

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