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Trying to wrap my head around what's going on with the various pieces of code, and how to do a sensible release plan. Appreciate feedback, esp from @cbeer who is committer on much of the not-yet-released code.

State of the code

The current latest blacklight_advanced_search release is 2.1.1 from July 29 2013. That is one day before the release of Blacklight 4.3.0. The gemspec for 2.1.1 says "blacklight", "~> 4.0", which says it expects to work with all Blacklight 4.x, but who knows if that's actually true.

There are three outstanding pull requests in the github issues here. One of them (#12) says it's about removing deprecated uses, but also changes the gemspec to require at least Blacklight 4.7.

There's also a blacklight-4.7+ branch here in blacklight_advanced_search, which does have commits that are not in master, and which I think is not represented in any pull requests.

There's also a more recent blacklight5 branch, also apparently not merged into master or represented in any PR's.

My plan

  • 1: Last Blacklight 4.x release

    • Try to merge all outstanding pull requests into master.
    • Try to merge existing blacklight-4.7+ branch into master.
    • Do some code review on each one, don't just blindly merge
    • Give up on ones I have trouble with
    • Release a blacklight_advanced_search 2.2, which is for Blacklight 4.7 and theoretical future 4.x Last 4.x release, which requires at least 4.7, cause that's what the existing pull requests/branches want, although I'm not certain why.
  • 2: blacklight5 release

    • then, merge blacklight5 branch into master.
    • release a blacklight_advanced_search 5.x, with gemspec set to expect to work with any Blacklight 5.x. Yep, major version number sync, 5=5.


If anyone has any suggestions or sees any problems, and especially if you have information or understanding of what's going on that I am missing that suggests modifying this plan, please let me know!

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Okay, hearing no feedback I will proceed with this plan!

@jcoyne or @cbeer if you know of some reason I shouldn't, or anything else that I should know but might not, please do speak up!

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I am a bit worried that if I don't apply P.R.s and other patches in the right order, I'll wind up with P.R.s that conflict with each other etc, (or maybe there will be no 'right order' to prevent this) and may not understand the P.R. well enough myself to fix.

Guess I'll just get started and do my best!

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:shipit: No objections.

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cbeer has deleted the blacklight-4.7+ branch, thinking it duplicates other P.R.s and/or is orphaned code or whatever.

In discussion in IRC with cbeer, cbeer also thinks it may not be neccesary to do a last BL 4.x-compat release, and next release can just be for BL 5.

blacklight_advanced_search appears to me to work with BL 4.7 now.

If I can get away with just doing the next release for BL5, that does make things easier on me. As I try to actually start on this, I am getting a big confused/overwhelmed figuring out what P.R.'s apply to what and in what order, etc. @jcoyne, do you need any of the P.R.s or issues fixed (for instance #14) in a BL 4.x-compatible release, or is it okay with you if next release is for BL5?

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Do plan to do one more blacklight_advanced_search 2.2 for blacklight 4.x, followed by a blacklight_advanced_search 5.0, for blacklight '>= 5.1', '< 6'

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v2.2.0 released, with bugfixes and jcoyne's enhancement, but still for Blacklight 4.x.

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