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#2097 fixes an issue where show fields were not showing up as sorted in the metadata administrator panel.


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This release has several notable changes.

Update notes

Adopters wanting to take advantage of the enhancements in #2092 which could potentially prevent users from saving large pages should run:

$ rails generate spotlight:increase_paper_trail_column_size

#2091 and #2088 make several changes to fix the build, including updating our Rubocop todo, and requiring i18n < 1.1 as i18n introduced a backwards incompatible change with Rails (rails/rails#33574)
#2094 Updates our CI to build with Rails 5.2.1
#2086 adds new locale files for Chinese and Italian languages
#2092 Update the PaperTrails versions table to be larger to accommodate large Spotlight::Page
#2082 Uses textarea for free form text input

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This release has two notable changes, allowing for great customizability for a Spotlight application.

#2079 Allows the application catalog config to provide values for custom fields
#2078 Enables a Spotlight application to add custom attributes to be shown on a SirTrevor Widget edit form

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This release primarily includes two notable changes.

  1. Fixes an issue where you could browse though the Previous/Next record pagination from browse categories into negative numbers (or past the number of documents in the browse category). #2062
  2. Changes the field type of the the content column for Pages to increase the size from text to mediumtext. #2067

Note that 2 introduces a database migration so you'll want to run the spotlight:install:migrations and db:migrate rake tasks once updating.

Full changes: v2.0.1...v2.0.2

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#2065 Fixes an issue where IIIF resources that did not respond to HEAD requests were not harvestable.

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Spotlight v2.0.0 adds a new major feature, the ability for curators and exhibit administrators to create multi-lingual exhibits.

Upgrade guide

Install new database migrations

$ bundle exec rake spotlight:install:migrations

Migrate Page content to provide a locale in a scope

After updating to Spotlight v2.0.0 and running the new migrations, update the FriendlyId::Slugs of your pages by running:

$ bundle exec rake spotlight:migrate_pages_language

Move spotlight_initializer.rb to using Spotlight::UploadFieldConfig

Spotlight v2.0.0 allows you to configure upload fields using a new class Spotlight::UploadFieldConfig. You should use a separate config for each Solr field.

Known Issues / Potential Gotchas

Switching locales between pages in an exhibit whose translated pages are in an incomplete created/published status will raise the same redirect/error (unauthorized or not found) that would normally be returned for any page. See more conversation/status in #2052.

May 4, 2018
Version 2.0.0.rc6
May 3, 2018
Version 2.0.0.rc5
May 2, 2018
Version 2.0.0.rc4

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