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- af74c5e5b82fc78ed51b2c5f3fd1ae5ba2ea4115 Automated libcalico pin update
- 4b3a89844e3d2f95b4de7bab59e8ed1205f69450 Always rebuild when DEV_BUILD=true
- cdfe57e8ad985c4f463dfc48f8a2b7bbe0b22dd6 Try change all v2alpha to v2
- 1c0efb0712ee9ea557124cacb6e1a096d458d427 Use latest envoy
- 5b5bfa209dcf9dc4617a1e72d2af0f36b64c0202 Add protoc mapping for envoy/type/percent.proto
- 15dbf51593c94167da09a58b877480add97c913a Add import for docopt
- d9c76f52b7daceedcbf5b986ad3319221ac91a5d Fix log with extraneous arg
- 4cdb2fcf005b6a33a2d0b05b2f936086319451e8 Automated libcalico pin update
- da86ec8881c09700910d7f0a62ba0eff2a9d12d8 Support both v2 and v2alpha versions of ext authz
- 9c8df7b505a37a5fa2c531cd797d2f4e484be76a Fix v2alpha import of v2
- 28c2eb61207f9833ca589cfc1c2e6e2045b3ccbe Remove extraneous proto dependency
- ee90f49e1c0e8d9b6c2ef7955adc9e4cec9e60ac Automated libcalico pin update
- 6c56ea51cae78c6f84b771dd13290734d64208fd Automated libcalico pin update
- e246ee58a9520f22aa314042f3b11f4ee5abc04e Automated libcalico pin update
- 46b3a7960bd0d385e554ccadac97dad53afee593 Automated libcalico pin update
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