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About Calico

{{site.prodname}} provides secure network connectivity for containers and virtual machine workloads.

{{site.prodname}} creates and manages a flat layer 3 network, assigning each workload a fully routable IP address. Workloads can communicate without IP encapsulation or network address translation for bare metal performance, easier troubleshooting, and better interoperability. In environments that require an overlay, {{site.prodname}} uses IP-in-IP tunneling or can work with other overlay networking such as flannel.

{{site.prodname}} also provides dynamic enforcement of network security rules. Using {{site.prodname}}'s simple policy language, you can achieve fine-grained control over communications between containers, virtual machine workloads, and bare metal host endpoints.

Proven in production at scale, {{site.prodname}} v3.0 features integrations with Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Note: For integrations with the OpenStack, Mesos, DC/OS, and Docker orchestrators, use Calico v2.6. We plan to resume support for these orchestrators in a future v3.x release. {: .alert .alert-info}

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