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This repository is the home of calicoctl.

Note that the documentation in this repo is targeted at Calico contributors.

Documentation for Calico users is here:

For information on calicoctl usage, see the calicoctl reference information


Print useful actions with make help.

Building calicoctl

There are two ways to build calicoctl: natively, and dockerized

Dockerized Builds

For simplicity, calicoctl can be built in a Docker container, eliminating the need for any dependencies in your host developer environment, using the following command:

make build

The binary will be put in ./dist/ and named calicoctl-<os>-<arch>, e.g.:

$ ls -1 ./dist/

To build for a different OS or ARCH, simply define it as a var to make, e.g.:

$ make build ARCH=arm64
$ make build OS=darwin ARCH=amd64

To list all possible targets, run make help.

Native Builds
  1. Assuming you have already installed go version 1.7.1+, ensure you've cloned this repository into your Go project path.

    git clone $GOPATH/src/
  2. Install Glide.

  3. Populate the vendor/ directory in the project's root with this project's dependencies:

    glide install -strip-vendor
  4. Build the binary:

    make build


Tests can be run in a container to ensure all build dependencies are met.

To run the tests

make test

Note: Tests depend on the test image calico/test, which is available only on amd64. The actual image used as set by the make variable TEST_CONTAINER_NAME. If you have a local build of that image or one for a different architecture, you can override it by setting the variable, e.g.:

$ make test TEST_CONTAINER_NAME=some/container:tag
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