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A collection of web-based XDI tools for testing [.war]

  • XDI Parser: Parses syntax components of XDI addresses and statements.
  • XDI Validator: Validates XDI documents in different serialization formats.
  • XDI Converter: Converts XDI documents between different serialization formats.
  • XDI Messenger: Sends XDI messages to XDI endpoints and views results.
  • XDI Local Messenger: Applies XDI messages to a local XDI graph and views results.
  • XDI Signer: Signs and validates XDI (sub-)graphs.
  • XDI Discoverer: Performs XDI discovery on identifiers such as cloud names, cloud numbers, and discovery keys.
  • XDI Operator: Uses a cloud name and secret token to perform various common operations on an XDI endpoint.

A public deployment of the XDI2 web tools is available at https://server.xdi2.org/.


cd webtools
mvn jetty:run

Then go to: