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mdeden is a manga downloader that uses the mangaeden api to track and download specified manga
projectdelphai at gmail dot com


ruby gems: sqlite3, httparty
applications: sqlite3

1a. Place mdeden in folder and run "ruby mdeden" from terminal
1b. Place mdeden in /usr/bin/ and run "mdeden" from terminal
2. Setup of mdeden.yml
* for first time run "mdeden setup"
* config file is located in /home/<user>/.mdeden/mdeden.yml
* Specify which directory downloaded manga should be placed in
* Look up EXACT name of manga on
* Specify which manga to download in mdeden.yml
* Any manga with "-" or ":" in the title should be enclosed in quotes
3. Run mdeden every week or so usually on a wednesday or thursday and get any newly released manga
4. The command configuration can be filled out with a bash command which will run after every comic is downloaded. This is good to display or remove notifications

Thanks to MangaEden for their great manga and for releasing an API which made this project much easier.

0.0.5 will mainly be about optimizing and cleaning up a lot of the codebase. So far there hasn't been a lot of bugs and so I'm going to start working on making it work a little faster, removing unnecessary functions, some error-catching, and removing any unnecessary dependencies. It will probably include the ability to set the chapter of a manga and interactive actions with the database. Here will appear the command line functions.

A gem is slowly coming out that deals with a lot of what I've learned by making this program. It's already up, but work won't fully start until after 0.0.5
reversed updating order for easier multiple chapter downloads; now at failure, it can start where it stopped
added timeout catching
fixed bug for manga that had .5 issues
added external command for after each comic download
fixed repeated downloading of previous chapter

added comand-line setup
removed download comics function
cleaned up some stuff and added some comments
completed recursive updating
added multithreading for image download to speed up comic creation. 

added multi-chapter updating
added error checking for internet connection failure
removes unfinished directory on error

fixed bug in creating the cbr file