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ytr - 0.1.3

Reuben Castelino - projectdelphai at gmail dot com


ytr is a youtube radio that plays youtube audio in the command line using vlc


  1. Requires vlc
  2. The ytr config file is placed in .ytr/ytr.yml a. the username needs to be filled out b. the password field is optional. ytr will ask for a password if this section is blank. c. the notifycommand will only be used when the notify is yes. It can be any bash command and takes the parameters of title and url i.e. notify-send title url
  3. run the ytr-setup file with bash

Extra Info

  1. Pulls youtube video recommendations and streams the audio to the terminal through vlc a. To play the video too, remove the "--novideo" argument in the cvlc line.
  2. If using urxvt (like me), urls can be clicked on with the matcher perl extension.
  3. To skip to the next song in the playlist, press Ctrl+c. To stop completely, you must kill the terminal process (Ctrl+)
  4. Keyboard Shorcuts a. Alt-Space - Pauses/Plays video. There will be a short lag before the video resumes after pause. Just wait b. Alt-s - Stop the video. Alt-Space starts the video again from the beginning. c. Alt-q - Quits the song and goes to the next song. d. Ctrl-c - Quits the current playback and goes to the main menu. e. Ctrl-\ - Quits the application.
  5. For playlists, create a folder called playlists in the .ytr folder. Inside this folder will go your playlist files. Each playlist is a file with each line being a youtube video in the following format: There should be nothing following or proceeding this urls and there must be an https in the beginning.
  6. ytr has two switches. The "recs" switch starts playing recommendations automatically with a default of 25 songs. If -n is added on, ytr will play songs and then exit.




  • added start of command-line options
  • removed listenedto as unnecessary and useless


  • can now listen to unlimited amount of recommended songs
  • finished listenedto logging
  • fixed looped search result bug


  • added support for notifications
  • fixed bug where repeated urls wouldn't show
  • update yml


  • adding support for marking as watched in youtube account
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