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Eru system core, stateless, resource allocation efficiently.


Run make test


  • Run make build if you want binary.
  • Run ./make-rpm if you want RPM for el7. However we use FPM for packing, so you have to prepare it first.


Run make deps for generating vendor dir.

Under macOS we have to install libgit2 manually, if you using Homebrew please install like this:

# libgit2 version 0.27.x
HOMEBREW_NO_AUTO_UPDATE=1 brew install libgit2
make deps

In linux you can reference our image's Dockerfile. Our server were running under CentOS 7, so if your server was different, something will not same.

On other hand, you can use our footstone image for testing and compiling.


Generate golang & python 3 code

go get -u{proto,protoc-gen-go}
pip install -U grpcio-tools
make grpc

Run it

$ eru-core --config /etc/eru/core.yaml.sample


$ export ERU_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/core.yaml
$ eru-core

Dockerized Core manually

Image: projecteru2/core

docker run -d \
  --name eru_core_$HOSTNAME \
  --net host \
  --restart always \
  -v <HOST_CONFIG_DIR_PATH>:/etc/eru \
  projecteru2/core \

Build and Deploy by Eru itself

After we implemented bootstrap in eru2, now you can build and deploy agent with cli tool.

  1. Test source code and build image
<cli_execute_path> --name <image_name>

Make sure you can clone code by ssh protocol because libgit2 ask for it. So you need configure core with github certs. After the fresh image was named and tagged, it will be auto pushed to the remote registry which was defined in core.

  1. Deploy core itself
<cli_execute_path> container deploy --pod <pod_name> [--node <node_name>] --entry core --network <network_name> --image <projecteru2/core>|<your_own_image> --file <core_config_yaml>:/core.yaml [--count <count_num>] [--cpu 0.3 | --mem 1024000000]

Now you will find core was started in nodes.