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Ushahidi 2.1.x (Development version)
* Themes
- Added bueno theme to the list of stock themes
Ushahidi 2.1 (Tunis), 09-08-2011
* Usability
- A new multi-faceted reports listing page that provides the user with the ability
to filter reports using a variety of options such as categories, verification status, report submission channel
- Centralized the validation and saving of reports. This is now handled by the reports helper
- Streamlined the list of parameters for filtering reports on the frontend
- Implemented category sorting in a drag and drop fashion
- A new blocks feature to allow the user to toggle the display of certain sections on the front-end
- Enhanced the custom forms feature (courtesy of the Konpa Group) to better augment data collection via the reports submission page
- Ability to add geometries (polygons) to a report
- Option to get a taller/wider map in the report viewing page
* Checkins (Experimental)
- Checkins system
* Facebook Module
* Member Module
- New member module that allows people to log in to a deployment via OpenID or a username/password
pair specific to the deployment
* Performance
- Refactored the json controller to fetch all the reports via a single query instead of using multiple
- Switched to straight SQL instead of ORM for fetching the reports
* Security
- Plugged SQL injection vulnerabilites
* Testing
- Added test framework (PHPUnit for unit tests and Selenium for functional tests) and tests
* JavaScript
- Switched from GML to Vector layers in timline.js for both the reports and KML layers on the main map
* Features removed from the core
- Removed Laconica from the list of message services. No longer supported
Ushahidi 2.0 (Luanda), 22-11-2010
* Usability
- Improved reports listing to convey different sets of information quickly and in a practical way
* Themes
- Themes can now be created without having to tamper with the code.
- Refactored the API controller and implemented the API system in a modular fashion.
API tasks/features are now availed by way of libraries
* Plugins
- New plugin architecture based on Kohana Events
- Implemented FrontlineSMS and Clickatell SMS services as plugins and added them to the list of stock plugins
- SMSSync plugin for the SMSSync Android application
* Scheduler
- Ability to schedule tasks in cron like fashion
* Upgrader
- An upgrader to automatically update the platform the latest release
Ushahidi 1.2 (After Haiti in Jan 2010)
- A collapsible category tree on the submit report page
* Clustering
- Clustering of reports is now on the server side. It was previously being done on the client side via JavaScript
* Custom Forms
- A custom forms feature to collect additional information in addition to that in the "Submit Report" page
* Report Edit Logs
- Edit logs for a report are now available so a user of the admin console can see the series of changes/revisions/edits
that have been made to a report
Ushahidi 1.0 (Mogadishu) 10-12-2009
* A web installer is now bundled with the platform to ease the process of deploying/installing the platform
* New CSS based design that is easier to skin
* Admin email notifications on emails and comments
* Site statistics and analytics
* Feature to add custom pages and tabs
* Auto-geotagging of news feeds
* Ability to create reports from news feeds
* Feature to add KML/KMZ overlays on the map
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