[bug] Window arrangement in i3 #116

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I'm running the i3 window manager and when I click the datepicker in the overview window, the day|week|month picker window is tiled with the main window, whereas it should float below the input, as a dropdown, right?

My guess is that it is caused by the way the datepicker window is rendered. It could also be an i3 bug, but because the window manager supports floating windows, it might be possible to solve it in hamster.

See enclosed image for a visual:
Link to image

PS: sorry for the big image, I was using two monitors and scrot captured both. The display below with the eagle background is empty. In the display above, Hamster is showing fullscreen.


I can reproduce it also


As a quick workaround, i3 has a shortcut to toggle between floating and tiled. The shortcut defaults to mod4+shift+space and can be configured with the following line in ~/.i3/config.

bindsym $mod+Shift+space floating toggle


killing as datepicker is no more in master

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