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Add tomboy integration #74

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I normally take notes on my activities, it would be nice to connect the current description with my notes in tomboy, I imagine this can be quite complicated since there must be more apps to take notes but it would be great at least to have a plugin for tomboy that integrates the tracking associated with a single note, in this case I imagine each note's name will be the Activity.

A simple case would be:

1) Open tomboy and create a new note, set the name, click on some button saying start tracking (this button can be added with a plugin for tomboy) the tracking will fire an start track in tomboy.

2) I can add notes and stop the tracking and optionally add the timing stats in the note as well (like the curent Ctrl+D in tomboy)



I think that can be achieved by gtg.
Since gtg should integrated with both tomboy(works fine) and hamster(Can't get it working though...)

I hope hamster can integrate with hamster. It would be awesome!

Project Hamster member

integration on the other end (we have dbus) - killing

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