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first thank you for the awesome app.
I use the Hamster for a while already and I found out that there is something I miss a lot.

Hamster is grate for time tracking, but once i (we) need to get some concrete data out of it it becomes bit tedious.

First request is, if you can hide empty days in overview?
There are completely unnecessary and "mess" up the overview.
If you filter a project running through out a month not speaking of year then we all know what we see instead of the actual result.

Second request...
when I try to find out how long I work on any ongoing project which is paid from time to time, I need to filter out only the time that is not paid already, or any part of the project from a certain point which can be marked (like, invoiced, paid..) or I from a point where I was working on something.. in most cases I do not know where I have started and frankly who cares? What is important is a certain point a work or action I did (meeting, start, changed this, or that, etc.). These points can be defined in Hamster by markers or in note.
So, when I go to overview filter out what the whole schedule find the concrete action in the time, and want to filter the result from that point, I have to remember the date, go to the calendar selection.. look for that day.. click through months, find a day and "apply".
that is bit tiresome and it surely dos not save my time :( (and if you consider the that the view is populated by empty dates it doesn't make it any better)

What would be actually awesome is, if we have a chance to "mark" a day right in the overview as a starting position, and the end date can be today, or another day marked as end. Then hit apply and whoala ..
That will shift the hamster to another space :)

If you will be willing to apply these changes I'll be happy to send you some cash.. and I think other people as well, because these requests will help all of us.

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