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Cross-platform: Windows #89

vdeapps opened this Issue · 9 comments

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I use Hamster in Linux, and sometimes I am in Windows.
Can you make a release for Windows or how can I do it ?

If Hamster is Cross-platform I will share the DB file.


I'd also like to see a real win-hamster. For now I use an older version form the old repository. Look at

I can provide more information if needed.


Hey Team,

I've restored the build guide that I had on my site, link was previously landing on a 404.
The above link to my site now redirects to the restored guide:

Would be awesome to see a fully featured port for windows with a simple installer.


@geekpete you should tell in your instructions to switch to the gnome2 branch (unmaintained, as with the gtk3 this whole bit will most definitely break

@toupeira toupeira added the needs_doc label

Maintaining Windows build instructions is out of the scope for now, but I'd be happy to accept a PR.

@toupeira toupeira closed this

Some of my colleagues would really benefit from a Windows build of this. Can this be built on Windows with some effort, currently?


I'll see if I can't have a crack at getting my old windows build instructions working against the gtk3 libs. I'm no windows expert but will give it a go.

Currently the unmaintained gnome_2x branch was the last one that worked with my build guide, as mentioned above.


Any luck with the gtk3 libs @geekpete ? Maybe I'll have a go this weekend ...


Sorry man, no time at the moment :(



can anyone maybe provide some windows binary builds?

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