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vdeapps commented Mar 20, 2013

I use Hamster in Linux, and sometimes I am in Windows.
Can you make a release for Windows or how can I do it ?

If Hamster is Cross-platform I will share the DB file.


I'd also like to see a real win-hamster. For now I use an older version form the old repository. Look at

I can provide more information if needed.

geekpete commented Feb 4, 2014

Hey Team,

I've restored the build guide that I had on my site, link was previously landing on a 404.
The above link to my site now redirects to the restored guide:

Would be awesome to see a fully featured port for windows with a simple installer.

tstriker commented Feb 6, 2014

@geekpete you should tell in your instructions to switch to the gnome2 branch (unmaintained, as with the gtk3 this whole bit will most definitely break

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toupeira commented Sep 5, 2014

Maintaining Windows build instructions is out of the scope for now, but I'd be happy to accept a PR.

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Orbixx commented Feb 6, 2015

Some of my colleagues would really benefit from a Windows build of this. Can this be built on Windows with some effort, currently?

geekpete commented Feb 6, 2015

I'll see if I can't have a crack at getting my old windows build instructions working against the gtk3 libs. I'm no windows expert but will give it a go.

Currently the unmaintained gnome_2x branch was the last one that worked with my build guide, as mentioned above.


Any luck with the gtk3 libs @geekpete ? Maybe I'll have a go this weekend ...

geekpete commented Apr 1, 2015

Sorry man, no time at the moment :(



can anyone maybe provide some windows binary builds?


Hello everyone, I'm currently working on the gtk3 branch of the project to produce a Windows version of this awesome piece of software.
I haven't yet finished the work and the product is not yet very stable, but perhaps is a good starting point.
Unfortunately i don't have a lot of experience in python and maybe my approach isn't the best one.
Should someone else be interested in this porting, lemme know.
Suggestions are very welcome!
The best option would be a unique product, integrating the differences between Linux and Windows, and a setup to easy install it.


Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated.

Project hamster and its various sub-components are currently undergoing some major changes. We prepare the introduction of a rewritten codebase for most of the underlying functionality. A direct consequence of this is that it is unlikely that any open/new bugs within the current/old codebase will be fixed (unless someone steps up and offers to do so) as most resources currently available will be invested in making the rewrite prime time ready.

If you are still interested in working on the new codebase (repositories: hamster-lib/cli/gtk/dbus) we would be most thrilled. Please feel free to either open a new issue with the relevant repository and/or join the discussion on the mailinglist.
For more context please see our website.

Thanks for your interest and support! Eric.


Virtualization is not really a solution for a native build.

Anyway. Why us this issue closed?


legacy hamster is no longer maintained as such there is abysmal little likelihood that there will be any progress on the matter at hand. You may consider this bug resolution a "won't fix".
Of cause, if anyone has any actionable news/info on the matter, feel free to reopen the issue / poke me :)
Other than that, all of our time goes towards the new codebase.

Orbixx commented Oct 4, 2016

The only way this is getting a Windows build is if you fork it and do it yourself.

At least with my method you can get Hamster running nicely on Windows with minimal effort



I just wanted to make clear that I am very happy that you share your working solution with us!
Whilst I share @Catscratch s general sentiment it is true that your setup provides the most realistic solution at this point in time.

The new hamster will make it very easy to either write a native windows GUI (you really just need to deal with the GUI, all functionality is available via a clean lib API) or (less preferred I guess) work with us to provide a proper windows build.

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