uhhh...sry...trying to remove this #133

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very sorry...perhaps it'll make somebody laugh at my ace move...I was trying to update my cloned copy from projecthamster/hamster and fubar'd it all up. Please ignore this pull request and/or just delete it as it cannot determine how.

gsobczyk and others added some commits Feb 7, 2013

html report:
+ show days checkbox
* hours -> minutes
+ ticket to activity conversion
+ additional parameters for REST RT

gsobczyk and others added some commits Mar 19, 2013

html report:
+ show days checkbox
* hours -> minutes
Merge pull request #7 from freedayko/master
add support for redmine + fix some bugs
Changed exports to Redmine:
-comments are just comments + readable worked time
-on the export panel, you will now see the activity that the time entry will register
-prepared code to get activities from redmine (for versions 2.2 and up)
Changed the way the db updates issues that were exported
-it actually only updates now, instead of deleting and creating a new fact
Changed overview to default to daily view
merge from gsobczyk to show percentage in totals
Moved code that gets redmine issues to hamster-service
Added popup at the end of getting issues manually
Fixed bug that did not allow searches to be done.
Updated hamster.db to latest version.
Added activity IDs for commiting times.
Changed time posting to XML because JSON is being naughty.
Merge pull request #1 from Americas/master
Refreshing my forked copy of hamster with the americas master

tstriker commented Jan 23, 2014

closing as per @wcrighton's request

@tstriker tstriker closed this Jan 23, 2014

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