New stuff (RT integration, appindicator) #82

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I wrote some things for hamster. Maybe you could pull them into your repository

  • integration with RT with autocomplete suggestions
  • overview in minutes (still lacks of switch minutes/hours)
  • app indicator (ubuntu) (most code from hamster-indicator)
  • changed search behavior in autocomplete (space as OR separator + searching in whole activity name)
gsobczyk and others added some commits Feb 7, 2013
gsobczyk added library for RequestTracker 056d543
gsobczyk add caching 44ceb2b
gsobczyk some additional info and example for rt be9620a
gsobczyk RT config - first steps 20bdd56
gsobczyk rt configuration 55fc38a
@gsobczyk gsobczyk searching in fragment of activity and turn off inline autocomplete 5e94d83
@gsobczyk gsobczyk getting tickets from rt and remove duplicated activities from popup d8fbb8c
@gsobczyk gsobczyk default setings for RT 3ba2862
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some stuff e29f351
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Update README.textile 5bfdb07
@gsobczyk gsobczyk overview totals in minutes 07cd23d
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of 0a0d247
@gsobczyk gsobczyk html report:
+ show days checkbox
* hours -> minutes
@gsobczyk gsobczyk autocomplete for RT - search in all tickets a1a1732
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for autocomplete 428b08d
@gsobczyk gsobczyk autocomplete for ticket id 8777024
@gsobczyk gsobczyk + ticket to activity conversion
+ additional parameters for REST RT
gsobczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' f0824a5
gsobczyk fix #1 c1743f0
gsobczyk cache rt raw search 17cac68
gsobczyk readme fix 6f08e6c
gsobczyk ubuntu appindicator b254833
@gsobczyk gsobczyk extract data from direct ticket 0d5aa72
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of b26460f
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into appindicator 42cff26
@gsobczyk gsobczyk signals - not workinkg yet 544ada0
gsobczyk show activity name in tray 4d8d112
@gsobczyk gsobczyk hellip fix 56139ca
@gsobczyk gsobczyk possible indicator icon fix f238d6f
@gsobczyk gsobczyk label_length gconf setting fix 221b8e3
@gsobczyk gsobczyk gconf info about hamster-indicator 5ac98aa
gsobczyk integrate schemas in one file 00e84d2
gsobczyk integrate status icon and app indicator 4630f94
gsobczyk labels ad78ca7
gsobczyk delete test files 4d3b547
@gsobczyk gsobczyk extract category from rt on autocomplete item choose 9815e03
@gsobczyk gsobczyk show hasmter window on activate 1f4e9b3
gsobczyk menu position 8117223
gsobczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into rt-export-from-over…
gsobczyk reporting timeWorked to RT - first steps 7559d09
gsobczyk export to rt - list activities 982bd4b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk info about export status (fact) in DB + exporting to RT 5060779
@gsobczyk gsobczyk toggle cell visible only for rt activities 7c39856
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some dirty code in export_rt e55e841
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some cleanups fd1c932
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'rt-export-from-overview-menu' of…
…mster into rt-export-from-overview-menu

@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for export rt tree view cf9c06e
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some fixes (grouping tickets) + test mode 1b25840
@gsobczyk gsobczyk progress bar d8f3bc5
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix #5 f8d575f
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some translations 61e3b04
@gsobczyk gsobczyk pl translations eba47ff
@gsobczyk gsobczyk pl translations d736cfb
@gsobczyk gsobczyk some screenshots 72f5f2c
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Update pl.po 7885c7e
@gsobczyk gsobczyk all time fix 920f36b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk html report:
+ show days checkbox
* hours -> minutes
@freedayko freedayko fixes for bugs with activity sources 32a4a16
@freedayko freedayko add redmine issues to activity list 114b82c
@freedayko freedayko fix bugs 1a35b52
@gsobczyk gsobczyk possibility to export negative values in minutes c6cbcca
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of 5b96721
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of git:// into free…
@freedayko freedayko Fix little issue c5a3968
@freedayko freedayko add support for time entries c7e2cbb
@gsobczyk gsobczyk logging fix 8c1cacb
@gsobczyk gsobczyk change totals to hours with better scale 65970eb
@gsobczyk gsobczyk change totals formatting 433d969
@gsobczyk gsobczyk autocomplete changes for RT 6490ea2
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge pull request #7 from freedayko/master
add support for redmine + fix some bugs
@gsobczyk gsobczyk add description field fix #3 7612f8b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix error on export to RT 7fb79e6
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Revert "add description field fix #3"
This reverts commit 7612f8b.
@gsobczyk gsobczyk add delay for suggestions 750ms - issue #8 425aefe
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for delay for suggestions 750ms - issue #8 2afb723
@gsobczyk gsobczyk percent in summary totals 1255011
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for delay for suggestions 750ms - issue #8 a32b589
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix #9 13cbdf6
@gsobczyk gsobczyk past suggest choose fix 7da790e
@gsobczyk gsobczyk last activities in app indicator #6 9b7201b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk last activities in app indicator - settings, #6 1899930
@gsobczyk gsobczyk filter activities in overview window fix 82b27a9
@gsobczyk gsobczyk last activities in app indicator - settings info, #6 7666ea3
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@gsobczyk gsobczyk icons on overview window fix cc59c27
@gsobczyk gsobczyk możliwość szukania po ownerze zadania aaccaa7
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of f974958
@gsobczyk gsobczyk limit fix 9687901
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'master' of 6ab23c6
@korda korda Poprawka do RT: Zastępowanie przecinków spacją, aby uniknąć potraktow…
…ania jako opis
@gsobczyk gsobczyk division by zero fix 80d0fba
@gsobczyk gsobczyk tray preferences fbce050
@gsobczyk gsobczyk hide tray preferences when appindicator is missing 27bfc5b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk update autocomplete tags fix d80fd33
@gsobczyk gsobczyk update pl translations 48c9164
@nimbinatus nimbinatus Fixing unit tests regarding tagging. c553e0f
@slick666 slick666 Merge pull request #1 from nimbinatus/master
Fixing unit tests regarding tagging.
@slick666 slick666 Update TODO list
Update the list of TODOs with the high level tasks needed to be completed for the next merge request
@slick666 slick666 Updated the ignore file to include eclipse and coverage files e697194
@nimbinatus nimbinatus Added tests for (1) whether explicit entries work, (2) whether explicit
has precedence, (3) the random easter egg, and (4) iter with explicit
@nimbinatus nimbinatus Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' df81a56
@slick666 slick666 Merge pull request #2 from nimbinatus/master
Update Tests
@nimbinatus nimbinatus Adding tests. Renamed "stuff_test" to "fact_class_test" to reflect
work.  Updated a bit of the library, as well.
@nimbinatus nimbinatus Forgot to add the new test! 6b11a7c
@slick666 slick666 Merge pull request #3 from nimbinatus/master
Tests, Library Update
@gsobczyk gsobczyk add 'without tag' in overwiev_totals ba97152
@gsobczyk gsobczyk timeout 5s 9c62f20
@slick666 slick666 Merge
@slick666 slick666 Added required packages
Added an entry into the to install the required packages
@slick666 slick666 Fixed typo in file 046ba7e
@gsobczyk gsobczyk last activities settings in days f4d26fb
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for grouping in last activities bc49019
@freedayko freedayko Dont split activity text for description if entered fadc374
@freedayko freedayko Add option for use activities only from remote tracker 6f22db1
@freedayko freedayko Fix for only remote option c0253de
@freedayko freedayko Return False if redmine didnt response 4570d87
@freedayko freedayko fix for only external option f9d23d2
@freedayko freedayko Fix dependencies list 27ffa32
@slick666 slick666 Merge 94e1ac7
@slick666 slick666 Fixed issue with parsing description 'test_full' and test_tags' 3a83559
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge branch 'slick666-master' 5f0429e
@gsobczyk gsobczyk change stuff.ordered_dict to OrderedDict 6d11eb2
@gsobczyk gsobczyk fix for choose last activity with tag 4574e8e
@rynkowsg rynkowsg Fix the bug occurs during addition of activity
Bug occurs after entering '@' sign.
@rynkowsg rynkowsg Fix the bug while changing category of an activity
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Merge remote-tracking branch 'projecthamster/master' 47234cd
@gsobczyk gsobczyk possibility to track last activitity in the past 5cb6a5b
@gsobczyk gsobczyk translations c952063
@gsobczyk gsobczyk Revert "possibility to track last activitity in the past"
This reverts commit 5cb6a5b.
Jelle Allow search using the "NOT" keyword b260064
@gsobczyk gsobczyk category fallback field 434ab5f
@gsobczyk gsobczyk search by NOT keyword fix b81d7f5

Just out of curiosity: what's the motivation for the RT integration? I'm using RT myself, but I wonder what you want to share with RT from hamster.


i'm killing this pull request

the branch has diverged quite a lot and introduced functionality that i did not see really fit for the mainline integration (like the RT integration)

@tstriker tstriker closed this Feb 18, 2014

I'm using RT in work and I'm obligated to report each minute in RT.
This integration helps me in that:

  • autocomplete suggests my tickets (or others based on name)
  • there is a possibility to export spent time to each ticket

Did you think about plugins for autocompletes and export?
Other people integrate hamster with redmine... :)

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