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GNOME time tracker


Hamster can be found packaged in most distributions. The instructions below
are for installing from sources for testing and development purposes.

The instructions are mix between Gnome 2 and Gnome 3, so, errm, just bear with

hamster-applet → hamster-time-tracker clean up

Previously hamster was installed everywhere under hamster-applet. As
the applet is long gone, the paths and file names have changed to
hamster-time-tracker. To clean up previous install follow these steps:

git checkout d140d45f105d4ca07d4e33bcec1fae30143959fe
./waf configure build --prefix=/usr
sudo ./waf uninstall


Debian-based: apt-get install git-core gettext intltool python-gconf
RPM-based: yum install git-core gettext intltool gnome-python2-gconf


./waf configure build --prefix=/usr
sudo ./waf install

After that make sure that the old daemons aren’t roaming around:

killall hamster-service && killall hamster-windows-service

Now restart your panels/dockies and you should be able to add hamster to your panel!

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