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Hydra-in-a-Box Repository App

Codename: Hyku

Running the stack

For development

postgres -D ./db/postgres
redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf
DISABLE_REDIS_CLUSTER=true bundle exec sidekiq
DISABLE_REDIS_CLUSTER=true bundle exec rails server -b

For testing

See the Hyku Development Guide for how to run tests.


AWS CloudFormation templates for the Hyku stack are available in a separate repository:

With Docker

We distribute a docker-compose.yml configuration for running the Hyku stack and application using docker. Once you have docker installed and running, launch the stack using e.g.:

docker-compose up -d

Switching accounts

The recommend way to switch your current session from one account to another is by doing:


Development Dependencies


Hydra-in-a-Box supports multitenancy using the apartment gem. apartment works best with a postgres database.


from CSV:

./bin/import_from_csv localhost spec/fixtures/csv/gse_metadata.csv ../hyku-objects

from purl:

./bin/import_from_purl ../hyku-objects bc390xk2647 bc402fk6835 bc483gc9313