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# The default namespace maps to the default namespace for generating rels_ext from solr
:default_namespace: info:fedora/fedora-system:def/relations-external#
# namespace mappings---
# you can add specific mappings for your institution by providing the following:
# namespace_uri:
# :relationship_symbol: relationship_identifier
# For example, if you have the following element in your rels_ext:
# <oai:itemID></oai:itemID>
# With the last two lines of this file uncommented, the relationships hash of your object will include:
# :oai_item_id => ["info:fedora/"]
:conforms_to: conformsTo
:has_annotation: hasAnnotation
:has_collection_member: hasCollectionMember
:has_constituent: hasConstituent
:has_dependent: hasDependent
:has_derivation: hasDerivation
:has_description: hasDescription
:has_equivalent: hasEquivalent
:has_metadata: hasMetadata
:has_member: hasMember
:has_model: hasModel
:has_part: hasPart
:has_subset: hasSubset
:has_topic: hasTopic
:is_annotation_of: isAnnotationOf
:is_constituent_of: isConstituentOf
:is_dependent_of: isDependentOf
:is_derivation_of: isDerivationOf
:is_description_of: isDescriptionOf
:is_member_of: isMemberOf
:is_member_of_collection: isMemberOfCollection
:is_metadata_for: isMetadataFor
:is_part_of: isPartOf
:is_subset_of: isSubsetOf
:is_topic_of: isTopicOf
:is_contractor_of: isContractorOf
:is_deployment_of: isDeploymentOf
:has_service: hasService
:has_model: hasModel
:oai_item_id: itemID
:is_governed_by: isGovernedBy
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