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Bug: Model.find_by_solr fails when you pass it an argument of :all
Testing: Updated RSpec tests to run against localhost:8983 with Fedora 3.3 (instead of localhost:8080 with Fedora 3.2). This means you can use a copy of hydra-jetty from
Testing: Reduced the amount of noise output to the shell during tests
1.1.1 2010-03-22
Bug: .load_objects wipes out datastream attributes from model-defined datastreams (ie. label and mimeType)
1.1.0 2010-03-20
Feature #822: Export & Ingest Fedora Objects
1.0.9 2010-03-10
!! Requires a new Solr schema by default. We recommend updating solr with the schema.xml located at If you want to keep using the old schema.xml, you must save the solr mappings file from as config/solr_mappings.yml in your application(s).
Bundled ruby-fedora into active-fedora, removing external gem dependency
Field names now map to solr field names using solr_mappings.yml. You can put your own into RAILS_ROOT/config/solr_mappings.yml or rely on the default within the gem.
* Bug #552: Model relationship should be asserted using hasModel instead of conformsTo
* Bug #614: Datastream should have mime_type accessors
* Bug #692: should allow you to use :mime_type as an argument instead of :mimeType
* Feature #430: YAML-based config files for Fedora Repository and SolrService
* Feature #475: Ability to perform XUpdate-style partial updates of XML metadata
* Feature #753: Configurable Solr Field Names
* Feature #807: update_indexed_attributes should return the new index for any added values
1.0.7 2009-09-18
Performance improvements. Requires RubyFedora 1.0.7 (but will probably work with 1.0.5)
Feature #489: Optimize datastreams method so that you only hit fedora and parse xml when you have to
Bug #415: returns meaningful responses and yields exceptions when appropriate
Bug #465: ActiveFedora::Base#fields method performance issues (tied to #489)
1.0.6 2009-08-27
Minor update.
* ToDo #78: Relationship finders should return an array of ActiveFedora Objects
* Bug #40: Fedora::Datastream should track control_group attribute correctly
* Bug #425: SOLR_DOCUMENT_ID still hardcoded as "id" in a few spots
* Bug #449: using has_metadata breaks support for custom pids
1.0.5 2009-07-17
Minor update.
* Bug #387: Base.deserialize should mark all datastreams as not new
* ToDo #389: Base.update_attributes and Base.update_indexed_attributes should accept :datastream limiter
* Feature #388: Base.update_attributes and Base.update_indexed_attributes should support deleting fields
1.0.4 2009-07-10
!! Not Backwards Compatible with Fedora < 3.2.* !!
* 1 major enhancement:
* ruby-fedora is now compatible with Fedora 3.2.1
* ToDo #272: should accept a :prefix option for auto-incrementing DSIDs
* ToDo #275: Update RubyFedora to work with Fedora 3.2 REST API
* ToDo #308: ActiveFedora::FedoraObject.datatsreams should load label as well as pid and dsId
* ToDo #318: Intelligent FileDatastream and FileAsset Management
* Bug #312: Base.delete should delete the solr record as well as the Fedora Object
* Feature #46: Improve OSX Fedora/Solr Disk Image
* Feature #284: solr document id should by a config option instead of hard coded as "id"
* Feature #307: ActiveFedora::Base should provide a label setter.
* Feature #314: Relationship finder should provide a "response_format" option, default to format of "objects"
* Feature #327: Option to turn off solr updates (assume that something else will update Solr for you)
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